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Lizard 1
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For the thin skinned ones - Garagistic is BAD ASS!!

So, my fun thread was titled to look like Garagistic was terrible or horrible and apparently because people can't read or are so thinned skinned, it got closed.

I wanted to make sure that everyone understands that I am VERY happy with the folks at Garagistic. If you didn't read my previous thread, I have been ordering parts for my E30 and every time I go to the site, I find something else new and something I need or want. Great site, easy to navigate and great detail.

I also called them because I got the HD transmission mounts and the bolts were larger. I called them because I wanted to see what size the bolts were to get nuts for them and the guy I got ahold of literally went into their shop, took the time to pull a mount and sourced the right nut and gave me the specs.

Customer service is bad ass!!!

Great experience and I have ordered several items. Everything fits the first time, great quality and seems to be all made here in the States.

Kudos, Garagistic.

And for those that don't read and assume? Hopefully this second time, you actually read the thread... Trying to be fun and have a good time. Apparently, serious is the mindset.
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Originally Posted by slammin.e28
The M30 is God's engine.
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You're bad, ass...

But 4realz, the last title was miserable.

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