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Anyone running a 340LPH pump??

As the thread stated anyone running this pump?? I see some are running the walbro 255, but was thinking on stepping up the game some. I am running a stock pump. The car makes 289 whp on a mustang Dyno. I am looking for more power most likely in the 400 range and wanted to upgrade my fuel system.
Any suggestions???
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044 is the top suggested these days.
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what is your setup? The 255 should be plenty for up to 500hp. Even looking at the test that herbe30 just posted, unless your running crazy power the 255 is fine. No reason to go bigger unless you need it or are running really high boost (the 255 drops off when running above 65psi of fuel pressure aka 25psi of boost).

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I'm running a 340lph. Works fine. 26psi. 344kw at the wheels
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