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MZ3 vs I6 Z3 trailing arm Q

Potentially looking at a m52 z3 for the drivetrain, but am also researching what rear components I could use to convert to 5 lug. I've spent a couple hours reading about it and I understand the control arms and hubs of the I6 z3 are over 40mm wider so offset will be way too high but I'm still a bit confused about how exactly the regular I6 z3 and the mz3 differ in the wheel bearing and brake mounting situation. The sticky'ed write-up says that the trailing arms for both are identical except for the mz3 having larger wheel bearings and structural reinforcements but that's all it says.

So, it seems that theoretically you could run m3 rear calipers/rotors on regular I6 z3 TAs as long as there was a wheel bearing that would carry the m3 rear hubs? Seems like if a compatible wheel bearing had been discovered then everybody would do that swap to run matching M3 front and rear brakes, but I figured i'd ask. If I'm going to go 5 lug I don't want to mess around with any spacers on any of the components and I want comparable front/rear brakes. Really the only reason I would convert to 5 lug is to upgrade the brakes. If there's really nothing of value to i6 z3 5 lug wise i'll probably just pass on the car..
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