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Old 03-30-2017, 12:44 PM   #136
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I had this issue in the past and was told to send the axles back. I got the replacement axles in and I noticed the boots were smaller. they no longer rub the e-brake and haven't given me any issues. As long as they hold up, I have no real complaints.
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Originally Posted by gotaloveRWD View Post
Same here got under there today and have one boot flinging grease everywhere and the other is being warn
I can see the boot is rubbing the ebrake cable and almost the a-arm
I measured the boot and its roughly a inch bigger then the oem boot
Igor said he would take care of it if I shipped them back which is awesome
but I'm concerned it will do it again since the boot is bigger
Urgh, I hope this isn't happening to my set as well, but from reading these posts, it probably is!

I'll need to check when I am back home later in the year.

A return/fix will be annoying/difficult since I am in Australia
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Old 08-13-2018, 08:21 AM   #138
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Just broke one of my CA Tuned axles on my m60 car last night. Rolled into full throttle in 1st and it let go. I'm just running 300 treadwear street tires, nothing crazy. I've been to the drag strip many times, and they've handled some pretty solid launches. It's been 4 years, and about 25k miles since I've installed them.

Got it towed home late last night, will tear the axle out tonight to see what happened. The inner joint is still bolted firmly to the diff, but the axle shaft does not spin with it. So either the cage broke, the shaft broke, or the splines stripped. My subframe has new poly bushings, trailing arms have new OEM rubber, the suspensions is aligned with -1* of camber and 1/16" toe, trailing arms are not bent. The car is low, so there is a bit of negative angle on the axle shafts, but not what I would consider excessive.

Sucks to see they are no longer available. I guess I'll just replace with OEM GKN/Lobro.
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