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e36 m3 production data

I don't know if this has been posted before or not, but it was posted on e36-tech and I found it interesting.


Production Data 3.2

The E36 M3 3.2 was immediately produced in coupe and convertible forms, as well as a four-door sedan. Like the original 3.0-liter E36 M3, 3.2-liter models were equipped with two different powerplants, one for North America (S52) and a second for Europe and the rest of the world (S50 B32). The latter model was offered from the start in all three body styles, and in both left-hand drive and right-hand drive configurations. Of these, a small run of right-hand drive sedans was assembled in South Africa from German-supplied components in late 1996, and a further number were fully built there during 1997 and 1998.

The North American-spec E36 M3 3.2 was initially offered only in the U.S. market and only as a coupe. For the 1997 model year (September, 1996 production), a North American-spec M3 sedan was added and Canada received the S52-powered E36 M3 for the first time. An S52-powered E36 M3 convertible was added exclusively to the U.S. market starting with March, 1998 production. Though all North American E36 M3 3.2 coupes were fitted with a manual gearbox, both the sedan and convertible could be ordered with a ZF five-speed automatic transmission.

ECE coupe (LHD): 6,117 built from 09/95 thru 12/98
ECE coupe (RHD): 2,845 built from 11/95 thru 12/98
NA coupe (LHD): 11,793 built from 04/96 thru 04/99
ECE convertible (LHD): 1,763 built from 11/95 thru 09/99
ECE convertible (RHD): 2,107 built from 12/95 thru 09/99
USA convertible manual (LHD): 2,252 built from 03/98 thru 08/99
USA convertible automatic (LHD): 4,017 built from 03/98 thru 08/99
ECE sedan (LHD): 1,296 built from 11/95 thru 01/98
ECE sedan (RHD): 694 built from 12/95 thru 01/98
NA sedan manual (LHD): 4,574 built from 09/96 thru 05/98
USA sedan automatic (LHD): 4,036 built from 09/96 thru 05/98
SA sedan (RHD): 168 as Complete Knock Down (CKD) kits from 11/96 thru 04/97, 532 as complete cars from 04/97 thru 10/98


3.0 ltr
BMW initially produced the European-spec E36 M3 3.0 only as as a coupe. Convertible and sedan versions were introduced two years later. Each body style was offered in left-hand drive and right-hand drive configurations. There was also a limited run of E36 M3 GT coupes built in both left-hand drive and right-hand drive. The U.S.-spec version of the 3.0-liter M3 was offered only as a coupe, with a choice of manual or automatic transmissions. Finally, there was a small number of South African-spec coupes assembled for the 1994 model year at the Rosslyn, South Africa factory from German-supplied Semi Knocked-Down kits (SKD).

ECE coupe (LHD): 11,284 built from 03/92 thru 07/95
ECE coupe (RHD): 3,152 built from 03/93 thru 07/95
ECE GT coupe (LHD): 350 built from 02/95 thru 06/95 (plus 6 pre-production in 12/94)
SA coupe (RHD): 748 built in SKD form from 09/93 thru 05/94
USA coupe manual (LHD): 8,515 built from 03/94 thru 12/95
USA coupe automatic (LHD): 1,705 built from 12/94 thru 01/96
ECE convertible (LHD): 1,403 built from 03/94 thru 08/95
ECE convertible (RHD): 572 built from 09/94 thru 08/95
ECE sedan (LHD): 868 built from 06/94 thru 07/95
ECE sedan (RHD): 415 built from 10/94 thru 07/95

The 748 right-hand drive E36 M3 3.0 coupes built by BMW of South Africa from Semi-Knocked-Down kits during late 1993 and early 1994 are essentially identical to the European-spec model aside from being fitted with a slightly altered version of the S50 B30 powerplant designed to run on leaded fuel. Other minor differences include a slightly altered exterior color palette, a higher level of standard equipment (including air conditioning, power sunroof, on-board computer, hi-fi speakers and the forged M Double Spoke alloy wheels), plus the use of regular (non-M Design) BMW sport seats in either M cloth/Amaretta or extended Nappa leather. NOTE: German-built E36 M3 3.0 coupes were imported to South Africa during 1994 and 1995 once production of the CKD version was terminated. Like all German-built M3s, these later SA-spec examples utilize the regular BMW AG color palette and are equipped with M Design sport seats.

When the E36 M3 made its European debut in 1992 there were no plans to produce a North American version. Sales of the previous M3, the E30 of 1988-91, had amounted to just under 5,000 units and BMWs only other North American-spec M car at the time, the E34 M5, was not selling in large enough quantities to justify the addition of another M model in the American market. However, a letter-writing campaign initiated by the BMW Car Club of America sparked such an overwhelming response by the enthusiast BMW community that BMW of North America decided to reconsider. The main issue was price: BMW NA was determined to keep the MSRP down to around $35,000, about the same as the last of the E30 M3s. The only way to meet this price point was to develop a specific version of the S50 engine without the costly individual throttle bodies and continuously variable VANOS valve timing system of the European-spec motor. Just such a car entered production in February, 1994 (as a 1995 model) and went on to be produced in almost equal numbers to the European version despite a production run of only half as many years. (Note: This model was not available in Canada see question below)

There were no major mechanical alterations to the E36 M3 3.0 during its production. However, the model did receive the following equipment changes:
-M tri-color stitching added to four-spoke airbag steering wheel (9/92 production)
-M-design four-spoke airbag steering wheel offered (9/93 production)
-Passenger-side airbag available (9/93 production)
-Light Silvergrey Nappa leather replaced by Light Grey Nappa leather (9/93 production)
-Alpine White II (218) replaced by Alpine White III (300) (12/93 production)
-Sterling Silver metallic (244) replaced by Arctic Silver metallic (309) (12/93 production)
-Diamond Black metallic (181) replaced by Cosmos Black metallic (303) (3/94 production)
-Violet Blue/Black extended Nappa leather added (3/94 production)
-Classic Red/Black extended Nappa leather added (3/94 production)
-Mugello Red (274) replaced by Bright Red (314) (9/94 production)
-Revised temperature controls for HVAC (9/94 production)

Though all 3.0-liter U.S.-spec M3s are officially 1995 models, production actually spanned from March of 1994 thru January of 1996. During that time, the following changes were introduced:
-On-board computer added to option list (mid-1994 production)
-Height-adjustable steering wheel deleted (9/94 production)
-Console Valet with cupholders added (9/94 production)
-Mugello Red (274) replaced by Bright Red (314) (9/94 production)
-Revised temperature controls for HVAC (9/94 production)
-Automatic transmission available (12/94 production)
-Luxury Package option introduced (12/94 production)
-Forged Double Spoke alloy wheels, sized 7.5x17-in. (front) and 8.5x17-in. (rear), added to option list (12/94 production)
-Coded Driveaway Protection introduced (1/95 production)
-Rear spoiler becomes a factory option (was dealer-installed) and adds integrated third brake light (1/95 production)
-All exterior colors available with and without optional Luxury Package (5/95 production)
-Polished finish added to optional forged M Double Spoke alloy wheels (9/95 production)
-Radio changed to version used on 1996 models (11/95 production)

Yes. Through an agreement that existed between Canada and several European nations, any car federalized in one country could legally be sold in any of the others. With no North American version of the E36 M3 on the horizon in late 1993, BMW Canada took advantage of this agreement and imported 45 European-spec M3 coupes for the 1994 model year. Pulled at random off the standard assembly line during November and December of 1993, these cars were specially-fitted with a third brake light and daytime running lights (required by Canadian law), while the rear fog light was deleted. Each car also received a numbered plaque on the inside of the glovebox door.

All paint colors and interior trims regularly available on the Euroepan-spec M3 were offered on the 45 Canadian examples. Each was equipped with only minimal standard equipment, including dual airbags, air conditioning, a green-tinted windshield stripe and an anti-theft AM/FM cassette radio. However, almost the entire European option list (including remote locking with alarm, power sunroof, front armrest, rear headrests, power front seats, heated front seats, on-board computer, hi-fi speakers, headlight washers, rear sunshade and forged M Double Spoke alloy wheels) was available at extra cost.

Was the 1995 U.S.-spec M3 ever offered outside the United States?
No, the 3.0-liter, 240-hp version of the M3 was exclusive to the United States for the 1995 model year. Even Canada, which received 45 Euro-spec M3s for 1994, was not offered the M3 again until the 1997 model year.


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