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How to align transmission and motor?

First, thanks to all on this forum for the quality diy threads...they have been very helpful during my '87 325e restore. I purchased the car about 8 months ago and have had a great time learning about e30s.

I am in the middle of a rear suspension overhaul and need some help. I have searched quite a bit for the answer but haven't found what I've needed yet. As part of my current work, I am trying to fix a vibration I get in 2nd and 3rd gear during acceleration. The guibo, csb, subframe bushings, and trailing arm bushings are being replaced, and I think the driveshaft is balanced and the differential mount bushing is in good shape. However, the shifter must be pushed way to the the left for reverse and the transmission visibly looks rotated or tilted slightly to the left in its mounts. I have read that if the transmission is not aligned properly then it can cause misalignment of the driveshaft, which may cause a vibration like I am having.

Could this cause the vibration, and if so how difficult would it be to correct the transmission mounting? All I have read is that with the transmission supported by a jack the mounts can be replaced. Could the transmission be rotated by a similar procedure? Is it even possible for the transmission to not be aligned correctly in its mounts?
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hows those motor mounts
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Oh, yea.... check the motor mounts.
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If the transmission doesn't look like it is sitting correctly, replace the motor and transmission mounts. On a car of this age it is almost a certainty that the motor and transmission mounts need to be replaced.

If the rubber mount of the Center Support Bearing failed, you need to replace the CSB and the drive shaft. In almost all cases a failure of the CSB will be the result of binding u-joints in the driveshaft. Binding u-joints will cause vibration under load in the lower gears.
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Thanks jlevie, I'll try replacing the mounts first.
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Where you able to fix the alignment issue? I'm having a similar problem with my E30: http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=159237

e30 diamantschwarz 325i
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got the same prob and my shifter is being torn up on the body because i can hardly get it into scnd
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Check to make sure your front motor mounts are oriented the proper way. White325is pointed this out to me one day, as one of my front motor mounts was in backwards and had the engine and tranny on an angle relative to the driveshaft.

That said, make sure your guibo isn't being stretched too much, ie. make sure your driveshaft is extended forward enough, before you lock it back into place.
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