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Exclamation Everything Stolen - need some help

Hey guys,

So I just ran by the garage I rent this morning to grab some things for the e28 I picked up yesterday only to find out everything was gone.

This was the garage that housed my e30 project. The only thing left in the garage is the shell and some interior.

I could use some extra eyes around the area and forums to try to spot anything being sold that can be tied back to the car.

Some of the easier to spot items:

- 16x9 Schmidt Modernline wheels wrapped in Sumitomo tires with a chunk taken out of one wheel spoke
- A full rebuilt M20B25 with a freshly painted (black) block - complete from pan to valve cover.
- Zinno red hood with a fake carbon fiber emblem (from PO)
- Orange / Black engine hoist and engine stand
- BMW BBS 14" Basketweaves - 3 wrapped in winter tires and one tireless
- Shock tubes with ground control coilover modification and M3 sway tabs welded on

...along with every part on an 89 e30 325is in Zinno red, thousands worth of my tools, my friends tools, machinery, and shit I had in storage. It would have taken hours to unload everything that was taken - so if you see anything suspicious please let me know.

Below are some pictures of what was taken and what the car looked like complete:

Pretty much everything in this picture is gone except the cardinal interior and the shell.

This was the level of completion the motor was stolen in, on the engine stand that was taken also - sorry for the picture but it's all I got:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I didn't have renters insurance and the owner doesn't have home owners. Let me be a lesson. Go get some. I really cant explain how this makes me feel.

I'll keep this updated with any found info. If you know/find something post it here please.

This could have happened a month or so ago, I haven't been there in a while.


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Wow that is awful. I am sorry to hear that.
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That is colossally fucked up. I will keep an eye out here if anything makes it over to the coast.
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sorry to hear it. pics of the carnage?

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The M42 is shit.
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so sorry man. hope you track them down, and they get what they deserve.
just isn't right.

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Did you file a police report?
Yours truly,

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Sorry to hear about this Dave. I'll keep an eye out to see if anything shows up.
Good Luck.

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ah that sucks so bad, had stuff stolen out of my garage but never that horrific. hope you get it back and they get time behind bars.
Much wow
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id fucken kill someone. sorry to hear that man. its always hard to handle when your personal space gets invaded and there's nothing you can do about it.
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dude. sooooo fucked up. im really sorry, getting jacked is one of the worst feelings ever.

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ooo cause i was fixing my chain tensioner and there was a black widow on the radiator so i killed it
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with a coathanger
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Thanks guys. Can't really explain how I feel right now.
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I'll keep my eye out on the classifieds/ ebay.
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Just believe in karma. Karma will the get the person who did this someday.

And you will get better stuff now than what was stolen.

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I'd keep an eye out for any other tuner/euro cars that frequent the area.
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Can't tell you how sorry I am.
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