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Early vs Late

So I acquired a late model valence for my car, which is a 1987. I'm planning to keep the diving board bumpers, but replace the valence with the late model e30. My question is, is the hardware to install these valences different? When I bought the late model valance, I was not given any hardware for installation, so I assumed that the hardware was the same, but I came across a thread and made me confused so I just wanted to clear things up...

Could anyone point the differences out, in terms of hardware? If there is a difference, could I just buy these from a local hardware store?

Video I made of my car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGg8GixF8Ds
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The valance will mount with the same 8mm head screws that the early model valance used. Don't forget you'll need to cut off the factory tow hooks. To mount the bumper trim I'd just recommend using self tapping screws since the holes will not be there unless your valance is from a 88.
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