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That's a damn good question, in the all the times I've had my subframe out, motor out, rack out, I never noticed there were extra mounting holes...

I just looked through some of my pictures and for what it's worth I don't think you could install a rack in the front mount holes without hitting the oil pan on a 24v e30 swap car.
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I drove my car for the first time with this rack. I ended up mounting it in the rear set of subframe holes. My impression is that I like it so far for a weekend toy which my car is. I can feel more of the road surface and the ratio feels good. My car weighs 2800 pounds running 225/50/15's and has M3 control arm bushings FWIW. I just did a string alignment and will recheck that later.

I wouldn't choose it for a daily driver because I'm old.
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I really need to do this with my car
Originally Posted by ReallyDirtyThirty View Post
Just keep pushing it in... when you think you can't push it in any farther, push harder.
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Would anyone who has installed this daily their car with this set up?
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Originally Posted by Bimmerboy91 View Post
Would anyone who has installed this daily their car with this set up?
Had this setup in my m30 car. I would say it was easier to steer than a depowered e30 rack but with a lot better feel. Totally daily able.

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