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Streetable stroker track car.

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    Streetable stroker track car.

    Well the time has come to move on to another build. I already have another E30 chassis lined up and a down payment on the motor transmission combo. So, time for the beloved current E30 to move on.

    With all that said I am still putting together a correct and complete build sheet on this car. I have done the quick math on it and let just say I am taking a bath No worries, ill let someone else enjoy it. I have litterally turned every single nut and bolt on this car. Everything from the tires to sunroof has been replaced with either aftremarket items or OEM bmw replacment parts. 100% street legal and is track ready. Setup is for autoX but holds its own on the road course. Traction is an issue for drag racing but it did run a 13.4 at PIR before some serious weight reduction happened. Never had it dynoed but I am guessing its somewhere around the 190-210hp region. It truly is a very fun car that need nothing.

    Major mods include:

    2.7 stroker engine
    Getrag 260 (straight cut gears)
    70% stacked 2 way LSD
    4 point welded in DOM cage
    Ground Control double adjustable kit
    ST sway bars
    Rear camber tow kit
    tinted lexan windows
    CF sunroof delete
    Cut and flared fenders
    fiberglas and metal trunk lid

    This list is the VERY short, major items only list.

    Extras will include track logs with tire types, pressures, brands and what worked best. I have 3 sets of wheels, 5 sets of tires, in car cameras, go pro setup for out of car, ect. You will be getting everything I have with it.

    Asking $6500.

    Video from the day I fired it with new engine

    Short video at this years test and tune:

    Call or text if you have any questions
    ** Lot's of M20 turbo parts for sale.**

    Turn key track car.

    BUMP for a sick car and Rad dude.. by the way that 3.7 welded diff has held up great!


      Originally posted by 4ce30 View Post
      BUMP for a sick car and Rad dude.. by the way that 3.7 welded diff has held up great!
      Thanks, B. Yea this car hauls ass and has been done 100% correct and all above board.

      I am stoked the diff has held up. Most people don't pre heat the metal and that is the likley cause of failure. Yours should last a vary long time.

      ** Lot's of M20 turbo parts for sale.**

      Turn key track car.


        Where is the car located?
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          Eugene Oregon.
          ** Lot's of M20 turbo parts for sale.**

          Turn key track car.


            Mostly complete build sheet.

            GC Coilover kit

            IE flare kit

            IE rear Billet Sway bar supports

            IE Control Arm Bushings

            GC billet rear shock mounts

            IE rear bushing kit

            IE Fiberglass decklid

            IE 75D diff mount

            IE 75D Motor Mounts

            GC Camber Plates

            IE Adjustable front M3 sway bar links

            Dungeon rear camber/Toe kit

            Suspension techniques solid big bar kit

            rod and piston balanced 2.7 eta bottom end

            885 head (fully rebuilt with gasket match and port and polish 5 angle valve grind)

            m30 maf

            carbon fiber CAI kit

            all necessary "i" components to make stroker kit

            modified/shaved intake manifold

            griffin circle track aluminum radiator


            depo smileys

            luminics 3500k high beams

            6k phillips low beams

            euro grills

            hawk brake pads

            ATE rotors

            4 wheels disk brakes

            z4 short shifter

            OMP shift knob

            MOMO pedals

            kirkey race seat

            recaro knock off passanger seat with sub belt built in

            lexan tinted rear 3 windows (factory fit and works)

            all bushings have been replaced with poly and 75 d

            solid aluminum subframe bushings

            70% stacked rear diff

            royal purple in engine, redline in diff and transmission

            equal length long tube headers

            FMF 450x muffler

            carbon fiber sunroof delete

            momo steering wheel

            momo hub

            NRG quick realese hub also

            straight cut gears in transmission built by my shop. A little noisy but very smooth

            6 puck sprung CC clutch

            Euro 323 single mass leightened flywheel

            4 point welded DOM cage

            I O Port camera mount on harnedd bar

            Schroth 4 point harness's (should be replaced soon)

            Schroth harness pads

            AEM air fuel guage

            i front lip with carbon fiber spliter

            m3 style wing

            carbon fiber gourney flap

            laser cut polymer guage pod for factory CD player position

            electric slim fan (wired into windo lock button)

            I am 100% sure I am missing a few things but this is the general build sheet. Shoot me a call if you need more info. Detailed pics to come after I wash it ;-)
            ** Lot's of M20 turbo parts for sale.**

            Turn key track car.



              wow, nice car. looks really fun
              95 7.1L 16V E36 M3
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                Thank you.

                I forgot to add catch can, modified valve cover with an fittings and dinan managment.
                ** Lot's of M20 turbo parts for sale.**

                Turn key track car.



                  Forgot to add a new from the factory NOS driveline, guibo, and diff seals
                  ** Lot's of M20 turbo parts for sale.**

                  Turn key track car.



                    For what its worth, if this does not sell after a few weeks/months I am going to strip and part it out. I think I may actually get more money for it if I do it that way anyways...... SO..... Keep an eye on the parts list and if you want anything specific send me a pm. I will start a list of names and parts and if I strip it I will let you know first.
                    ** Lot's of M20 turbo parts for sale.**

                    Turn key track car.



                      I am uploading youtube videos of the car. Over 10 minutes showing everything. Also, a few more detailed pictures of everything. Will post up this afternoon. Also, the extras that I dont think are listed and will be included are:

                      New in the box innovate LM-2 dual wide band (for turbo tuning)

                      15x7 wheels with hoosier road race slicks

                      15x8 e30 specific Kosei k1's w/ toyo ra1 r compunds.

                      extra HID's

                      A box of extra (new) engine parts and seals

                      extra reabuilt apx 7k mile head

                      extra exhaust parts

                      fiberglass trunk lid

                      factory rear window glass

                      3 new in the box autometer 80mm liquid filled guages. Boost, EGT, and oil temp

                      Oversized oil cooler

                      Sandwhich plate for oil cooler setup

                      return tapped oilpan

                      valve cover

                      oil pan

                      and I am sure a few other random items.

                      I have in car and out of car camera packages that are also included. Go pro hero HD and sony in car cams with mounts and all neccessary hardware and cables.

                      Cool shirt system and shirt package. Its an xxl, I hope it fits you.

                      I also have a new race suit that is a 3 xl. I am a big boy and its big on me. So if you are not 275+ I assume it will be too large.

                      I know there are other things, but I am forgetting them right now.
                      ** Lot's of M20 turbo parts for sale.**

                      Turn key track car.



                        damn i want this!


                          moar pictars

                          ** Lot's of M20 turbo parts for sale.**

                          Turn key track car.



                            Video #1

                            ** Lot's of M20 turbo parts for sale.**

                            Turn key track car.



                              considering any trades? this car is legit!

                              ps. what are these wheels called..

                              1991 E34 M5