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Street & Track E46 M3 | Sparco - Enkei - Stoptech & more!

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    Street & Track E46 M3 | Sparco - Enkei - Stoptech & more!


    A little about the car and it's history. If I recall, I'm the 3rd owner (dealership claimed as second owner). I bought the car as a daily/track car, but ended up only being able to go to the track 5 times. The engine is extremely strong and most of all the upgrades and maintenance has been done within this year. No expenses have been spared as I never thought I would sell this car. Most of the work has been performed by MiniCorsa in North Hollywood. They built & race BMW's and perform top notch work.

    Mileage is high, yes, but I do not foresee any problems with it in the near future. I've listed what I recommend needs to be replaced by the new owner below, but aside from that, this car and engine just broke in. :thumbsup2:

    As mentioned, I did about 3 track days last year and upgraded accordingly starting this year. I was only able to attend two track days this year, so the parts have barely seen any use. The car is track ready, but can easily be daily driven as it currently is. Getting in and out of the seats is the only tricky part.

    Maintenance has always, always been done way before it was due. Oil changes always using TWS 10W-60, original clutch and drivetrain components still had lots of life left when upgraded, and all the maintenance items were using OE parts when appropriate and upgraded components where necessary.

    2003 BMW M3
    Carbon Black
    Clean Title (Title in hand)
    No Accidents
    No Rust

    • Coolant Hoses
    • Fan Clutch
    • Radiator
    • Thermostat 80C
    • Water Pump

    • Accessory Belt

    • Air Filter (Upgraded to AFE)
    • Cabin Filter
    • Fuel Filter
    • Vanos Filter


    • Cam Gear Bolts
    • Spark Plugs (NGK Iridium IX)
    • Valve Adjustment

    Seals & Hoses
    • CPV O-Ring
    • Rear Main Seal
    • Valve Cover Gasket
    • Vanos Seals/Gasket

    • Oil Level Sensor
    • Oil Temperature Sensor
    • Outside Temperature Sensor

    • Center Support Bearing
    • Clutch Throw Out Bearing
    • Clutch Pilot Bearing
    • Flex Disc
    • Shifter Housing Bushing
    • Shifter Arm Rear Support Bushing
    • E 28 Transmission Mount Bushings (Upgraded)

    • Cooling: BMW Coolant
    • Engine Oil & Filter: 10W-60 TWS (Always)
    • Transmission: Redline 75W140NS Gear Oil & Redline MT-90
    • Differential: BMW SAF-XJ +FM Booster

    Upgraded Components

    • Ground Control Street/Track Coilovers 550F/650R
    • Ground Control Street Adjustable Camber Plates
    • Ground Control RSM "Tall"
    • Ground Control Weight Jacks
    • Ground Control Front Sway Bar Endlinks - Adjustable
    • Rear Lower Control Arms - Adjustable

    • Stoptech ST-40 355mm Front BBK
    • Stoptech 355x32mm Slotted 2-Piece Floating Rotors
    • Stoptech SS Lines Front & Rear
    • Stoptech Street Performance Pads Front (only 3 months old)
    • Performance Friction 01 Pads (included)
    • Ferodo DS2500 Rear Pads
    • Platte Forme a.g Cooling Duct Backing Plates
    • Bimmerworld Carbon Fiber Brake Ducts

    • Clutchmaster Stage 4 Clutch & Pressure Plate
    • Clutchmaster 10lb Aluminum Flywheel
    • BMW Performance SSK
    • BMW Performance Knob & Alcantara Boot
    • UUC Double-Shear Selector Rod
    • Euro Headers Ceramic Coated
    • Modified Section 1 w/ Additional Factory Resonator
    • AFE Drop In Filter
    • AFE Intake Elbow
    • AKG Shifter Bushings
    • AKG 90A Subframe Bushings
    • AKG Brass Clutch & Brake Pedal Bushing Set
    • Clutch Stop
    • Rogue Engineering Track Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
    • OE FCAB

    • Kirk 4-Point Bolt-in (Painted Anthracite Metallic)
    • Mason 3-Piece Rear Strut Bar (Steel)
    • Mason Floor Support (Steel)
    • Bimmerworld Subframe Reinforcement Plates
    • Bimmerworld 75mm Extended Studs & Lugs
    • Motion Motorsport Aluminum Underpanel

    • BMW European Center Tray
    • Sparco Evo Racing Seats
    • Sparco Aluminum Side Mounts
    • Sparco Seat Sliders
    • Sparco Floor Mount
    • Rear Seat Delete

    Creature Comforts
    • BSW P&P Speaker Components (Rainbow Version)
    • BMW Auxiliary Adapter
    • BigCrank AGM LTW Battery
    • Phillips 4300k 85122+ Xenon
    • 55% 3M FX Premium Window Tint

    • BMW Headlight Lenses (replaced)
    • BMW Amber Corners (Original/Smoked included)
    • BMW Amber Sidemarkers
    • BMW Amber LED Tail Lights
    • BMW European Convex Sideview Mirrors
    • Khoalty Matte Black Kidney Grills
    • Khoalty Matte Black Side Grills
    • Color Matched Reflectors

    • Enkei NTO3M 18x10 +25 Powdercoated Satin Black
    • Hankook V12 Front 265/35/18 80%
    • Hankook V12 Rear 285/35/18 65%

    There are many more minute items which I replaced that aren't worth cluttering the thread, but will make the new owners life a lot easier. Things like new trunk struts, coding the LED's, interior bits, etc.

    The car does have the Vanos solenoid code and will need the DrVanos replacement. This is $300 and he refunds you $150 once you ship your stock unit back. The cold idle fluctuates a little due to it. There are no adverse effects on the engine.

    The driver seat also has a rip from wear by the hip area, and the interior is missing the e-brake boot. I had bought an E9X boot as the seller promised it would fit. It didn't and I threw away the stock boot in process.

    The sunroof slider is also making noises. I pulled the plug as I don't use it and don't want someone accidentally making it worse as it's a common part that fails on E46's.

    I also had 2 small dents removed via Paintless Dent Removal from the guys at Beach Cities, Huntington Beach. One of the best out there. The front bumper does show some age, but it's not faded. A professional polish would make this car blend in fairly well with most of the "garage" queens out there. It's not perfect, but it's no eyesore by any means. It's a car that's meant to be driven.

    Rear fenders are also professionally rolled and cut by Tony.

    As previously mentioned, a lot of the interior plastic components had a nick or two were replaced with brand new OEM parts. From the sun glass holder storage, center console, and the euro tray. The rear view mirror has also been replaced with the revised version as the stock ones are problematic. The dash and doors are in great condition. A pillars have also been replaced with brand new OEM pillars as they cloth was starting to shrink in the far corner. The steering wheel does show a little wear on top and the passenger side door handle plastic has a little imperfection. I was planning on doing a 3M vinyl wrap, but never got around to it.

    Radio works great, A/C blows cold, power windows all work great. The gauges and interior lights all function.

    This car isn't for everyone and not everyone will find value in the modifications, I understand. I was planning on bringing the car back to stock and listing it, but I figured it was worth a shot listing it up the way I had it envisioned as someone else may be looking for just that. It would save them a lot of time and money wasted in process.

    Also, I'm flexible on removing certain parts and adjusting the price accordingly. For example if you don't want the wheels or brakes, I can swap those out.

    This car is located in Southern California, 91307.

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    Beautiful m3. If you were closer to me I would definitely come check it out as I've been toying with the idea of getting an e46 m3 to have fun at the track with. Good luck with the sell. Compared to the rest of the market that is a good price for what it is.


      fuck this is awesome. Wrong coast, but if I had 15k to spend on a car I'd fly out.


        jesus fucking christ, it is beautiful


          Thanks guys!


            i am loving that first shot!

            Originally posted by yert315
            Your mother is plug n play


              Wheres the Beef!?!? Nice whip! This should sell no problem for your asking price. :)


                Thanks, I don't suppose I will run into much troubles with asking price. Right now it's just the timing of things as I work full time.


                  I don't mean to clog this thread up, but you sir, have the nicest e46 I've ever seen. That wheel/tire fitment is absolutely perfect.

                  Extremely fair asking price, glws
                  I like cats.


                    I like how this ad is posted. Got interior photos?


                      Ooo. Seen this car in person a few times. Looks just as awesome as the pictures posted!
                      Price is really fair. GLWS!

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                        Originally posted by Deathtoll View Post
                        I like how this ad is posted. Got interior photos?


                          Do the front seats allow someone to get in the back. I have two kids that need to be able to get back there easily. This won't be my family car but I don't want to switch between the two to drive the kids around.

                          Dig the pic..

                          Sent u a pm.. I'm interested,,,,,


                            Those are fixed back seats with a roll bar - its not a kid transporter without some work.

                            The car looks amazing and appears to be a great deal at that price. Good luck.

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                            What is this faggy shit I have happened upon?
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                            I can always live in a M3. Can't M3 a house.


                              Thanks for info guys.