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    '87 325is


    I am selling my '87 325is. I am needing something that can make constant road trips and I really don't want to put her through it.


    1987 325is Schwarz w/cardinal red door panels and black seats
    3.73 LSD


    Just did some maintenance on it last week

    Timing Belt
    Master & Slave clutch cylinder
    water pump
    AC belt
    PS belt
    Alternator Belt
    Spark Plugs
    New Tires


    The paint overall is in great condition. The car has been repainted at some point in it's's just too good. I picked the car up near August GA. The home of the owner was near a golf course. There are two small dents on the roof of the car, and the windshield is cracked due to a golf ball. There was an even larger dent in the driver door that I had fixed and repainted...The body shop did an excellent job of matching up paint. There is absolutely NO rust on this car. It has been in GA it's entire life.

    The Bad:

    There is nothing terribly bad with the car but there are a few issues. The bushings for the shifter need replaced, as there is a lot of play. There is a slight shimmy under light braking but stops under harder pressure. I am sure one of the front rotors is warped or something. The driver side window doesn't roll down. I have checked the switch and wiring, it is all good, it's something inside the door, maybe the glass is off track because the motor clicks to try to operate. The tachometer is one from a 325e, so it's 5,000rpm instead of the standard tach. I have no clue as to why this is this way. It can be changed easily. The heater blower needs replaced. The AC works, but the Heater blower motor makes a hell of a noise when turned on...all speeds work though.

    Lastly I had some slight smells coming from the vents the last time I drove it on the interstate..I am still investigating it...It could be coolant or something or the heater blower.

    I wanted to try to list absolutely everything I could think of with the car. I am still fixing up the car so the list of good and bad may change as time goes on. I just need something else to drive for now.

    I will upload more pictures soon. This is what I have for now.

    New Price $3,800!

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    How many miles and do you have any interior pics?

    Might want to bring this car back to GA.


      Originally posted by jdbell1 View Post
      How many miles and do you have any interior pics?

      Might want to bring this car back to GA.
      i'm honestly not sure on the mileage. The odometer doesn't work and is stuck at 176k, but i'm sure it's more than that. I will post interior and engine bay pics tomorrow.


        Here are some more images of the car.

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          Sunday Bumpday!


            New low low! $3800...Need this gone guys!


              bump! Need this gone guys! Make an offer!