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1990 325i turbo track car - SOLD

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    1990 325i turbo track car - SOLD

    Hi guys.

    I sold my first E30, my 3 year project to buy this car, only to discover that life just isn't going to let me use it the way it needs to be used. I'm making some changes in my personal life, so the toys need to go for a little while.

    -1990 E30 325i
    -Full roll cage with NASCAR style door bars on driver's side. Cage ties to rear strut mounts as well
    -Repainted after cage was installed
    -Fully under-coated
    -No visible rust
    -AKG Poly Subframe Bushings
    -AKG Poly Trailing Arm Bushings
    -V-Racing Seats
    -5-Point Harnesses (Driver & Passenger)
    -Passenger still has functioning electric window. Driver has Lexan panel that slides into place because of NASCAR style door bars
    -Driver's window has safety net
    -Motometer Phantom Tachometer
    -Motometer Phantom Voltmenter
    -Motometer Phantom Temp Gauge w/ sensor
    -Motometer Phanton Oil Pressure Gauge w/ sensor
    -Stewart Warner 2-5/8" 30inHg-15psi Boost Gauge

    -Stock M20B25 (~109,000 mi)
    -Refreshed top end at 100,000 mi
    -Fully re-gasketed
    -New Continental Timing belt
    -New Graf water pump
    -New Thermostat
    -Stock lightened flywheel
    -6 puck sprung disk clutch
    -Fresh seals in G260
    -New Guibo 1,000 mi ago
    -New CSB 1,000 mi ago
    -120k on 2.93 LSD with Redline Fluid (<100 mi)
    -16" SPAL Electric Fan
    -NEW Battery

    Turbo Stuff:
    -TCD Exhaust Manifold
    -TCD T04e Turbo (46 trim, .58a/r)
    -TCD 3" Downpipe
    -Custom Bar & Plate intercooler with 2.5" Aluminum pipe & T-Bolt clamps
    -TIAL 38mm Wastegate
    -TIAL 50mm Blow-off Valve
    -Welded provisions for IAT & BOV
    -NEW 60# Siemens Deka Injectors
    -NEW Innovate MTXL Wideband
    -Custom 3" Oval Pipe Exhaust
    -Custom wastegate dump pipe
    -Megasquirt 2 v3 with Wasted spark
    -NEW IGN6 Ignition Coil
    -NEW MSD ignition wires
    -NEW NGK BPR7ES spark plugs
    -NEW Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
    -Oil drain to tapped oil pan
    -Stainless Steel Oil Feed Line
    -KAMotors Tune (Currently Tuned on 8psi)

    -Brembo Blanks
    -Hawk Pads (Will update with specifics later)
    -Braided Brake Lines

    -Bilstein Sport shocks
    -Ground Control Coilover Conversion (550F/750R)
    -22mm Front /19mm Rear Sway Bars
    -Poly sway bar bushings
    -Spherical adjustable sway bar drop links
    - <1000 mi on Lemforder Control Arms
    - <1000 mi on Lemforder Tie rods
    -Condor Aluminum Power Steering block off plates
    -AKG Aluminum Motor Mount cups
    -Garagistic red tie-down hooks

    -NEW Apex 75mm Bulletnose Wheel Studs
    -4 Bottlecaps with Toyo RA1 (~50% tread)
    -4 Bottlecaps with Nitto NT01 (unsure of exact tread depth)

    I'm certain I'm forgetting things and will update the thread accordingly when I remember more.

    The paint/cage work was performed in 2006 and was used as a class legal SCCA ITS race car. The guy I bought it from bought the shell, re-gasketed and refreshed a 108,000 mile motor. He put just enough miles on it to partially tune it, then put it in storage. I bought it un-finished and made it drive-able. I've put less than 500 miles on it getting the tune finalized and buttoning up some un-finalized bits.

    This car would be an absolute animal on the track. Kameron at KAMotors tuned the car for me and virtual dyno puts this car right around 260whp/290lb-ft of torque.

    I'm looking to get rid of my toys for the time being to buy a house. I don't have the funds/time right now to take this car to the track like I had intended.

    It has functioning headlights with indicators, bright lights with indicators, windshield wipers, turn signals, tail lights, brake lights etc. It has an open South Carolina title. I took the car to the inspection office to have them informally inspect it to verify that it was Kansas Street Legal and it is.

    The car runs great now and always stays cool. The idle could use a little bit of final tweaking because it climbs to ~1100 RPM after warm. Shifter could use a re-fresh as it's a little floppy and has an autozone shift knob. Videos with proof of how the car performs are included below.

    Weather has been super shitty so I haven't had a chance to clean the car and take better pictures, but I've posted below what I have.

    SOLD I will help negotiate shipping with buyer if the're not local.

    Contact via PM, Call/Text (913) 231-2642, or email (

    Known Issues:
    -Small oil leak at bitch tube
    -Small oil drip from oil return (not sure exactly where, but over 3 week span it dripped probably quarter sized spot)
    -S2.93 is whiney. Another should come with the car, or I may swap it out depending on how much time I have before sale.
    -Crack in driver's side tail light
    UPDATE- Currently the tachometer isn't wired. Since I converted to wasted spark and the car does not utilize the tach signal from the coil. I will include info I have on how to re-wire that, but it has to do with the MS box.

    Spare Parts I may include depending on sale price:
    -Z3 1.9 Steering rack
    -3.46 LSD
    -4.10 LSD
    -Steering Knuckle with aluminum bushing

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    Its- its- its beautiful....

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      Originally posted by ManSalad View Post
      Its- its- its beautiful....

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      And fast! ;D


        Always liked this car. Looks like a good one - and a really fair price!
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          Originally posted by einhander View Post
          Always liked this car. Looks like a good one - and a really fair price!
          Thank you!


            Wow. Just, wow.


     just got her working well! Sorry to hear that you are selling. :(
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                Originally posted by ethurtee View Post
                Wow. Just, wow.

                Originally posted by kingston View Post
       just got her working well! Sorry to hear that you are selling. :(
                This will all happen again in due time. Mika II I might call her. Buying a house is at the top of the priority list for this summer. I have the DRZ to fulfill my hoonigan needs for now.


                  Bump. Lots of interest!


                    Can I pay you in gum...?

                    In all seriousness it sucks you have to sell it right after getting it to run right. GLWS


                      Originally posted by Peattie View Post
                      Can I pay you in gum...?

                      In all seriousness it sucks you have to sell it right after getting it to run right. GLWS
                      Yes, gum is an acceptable form of payment.

                      It's bittersweet. I don't want to get rid of it by any means, but after we buy a new house I'll have another and do it all over again. This time it will be my build again top to bottom, rather than picking up where someone else left off. I definitely have M20 turbo fever, so Kameron's kit is in the shopping cart.




                          Posted on Bimmerforums. Lots of interest!


                            3.46 LSD goes in Monday. Squeaky 2.93 is no more!