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'89 325is, M-technik II, 3.2L track/street

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    '89 325is, M-technik II, 3.2L track/street


    Price: $11,500

    After 18 years of ownership, with a sad heart, I'm selling my car. It has been my track car exclusively since 2010. The current drivetrain was assembled and installed in 2011. The car is quick and agile.

    I was going to gut the interior and install a full cage, but a friend of mine has a car that is already gutted, caged, and prepped to my standards, so I'm buying his car instead. It seemed a shame to gut mine. I've re-installed everything to return it back to a street car, except the A/C (I do have the compressor and custom hoses). The suspension is really a track set-up, so if you are looking for a neat looking daily driver, plan to install some softer springs and bushings. Its stiff.

    This car will pass Oregon DEQ with the catalytic converter (currently installed). However, if you are in California, you will need to install a stock '95 E36 M3 exhaust, airbox/intake, and get a custom tune before going to a CARB referee. The head on this engine and all emissions related stuff is OBD-I so you should be able to have the engine approved as a '95 M3. But, I make no guarantees.

    Here is a link to some pictures:

    Here are a couple track videos.
    Portland International:

    Here are the details:

    1989 BMW 325is: $11,500.00
    206,xxx miles on chassis

    Engine: OBD-I 3.2L (assembled in 2011)
    M/S50 head with less than 50k miles (new on shelf in 2006)
    S52 bottom end with about 140k miles (cylinders measured before assembly, practically zero wear on cylinder walls, bearings looked like new)
    Schrick Street cams (256/264)
    Supertech valve springs with new retainers( can handle higher RPM )
    24 lb injectors (rebuilt June 2013)
    custom baffled oil pan (similar to VAC 525i oil pan baffle)
    S54 oil filter housing
    M20 oil cooler (Turner adapter to above filter housing, aeroquip hoses, a/n fittings, runs cool)
    crank scraper ( Ishihara-Johnson )
    new timing chain guides
    vanos rebuilt
    M50 intake manifold
    3.5” Bimmerworld intake
    New Bosch 540i MAF (July 2013)
    AEM dryflow filter and custom airbox
    S52 headers
    Custom header back exhaust with swappable X-pipe for track, or Cat for street.
    TRM performance chip (for specific mods listed above) installed,
    Aluminum radiator (Mishimoto)
    Spal pusher fan, connected to radiator low temp switch.
    AKG 75A motor mounts for S50 conversion (MM5030)
    Replaced rear main seal with Corteco Seal (April, 2013)
    M20 flywheel (about 15 lbs)
    M20 starter
    Clutch Masters Stage IV pressure plate
    Clutch Masters Ceramic friction disk (quick grab)
    E36 clutch slave
    E28 throwout bearing for proper clutch pedal release (pn 21 51 1 204 525)
    UUC clutch stop
    ZF Transmission from E36 M3/328
    AKG 75D transmission mounts with Aluminum cups (TM3036, TMC3036)
    E36 328 driveshaft with E30 center bearing
    3.23 Finned LSD from M roadster
    AKG 75D differential mount (#DM30)
    Newly rebuilt half-shafts (Aug 2013)
    Newly replaced rear wheel bearings (Aug 2013)
    AST 4100 Single adjustable
    600 lb H&R front springs
    680 lb Hyperco rear springs
    Vorschlag Camber plates
    Suspension Technic Sway bars 22mm front, 19mm rear
    TreeHouse Racing Eyeball front control arm bushings
    Ireland adjustable sway bar links
    Ground Control rear shock mounts
    AKG 75D rear control arm bushings (replaced Aug 2013)
    AKG 75D rear subframe mounts
    Welded rear camber/toe correction brackets.
    Sparco front strut bar
    Reinforced subframe and sway bar mounts
    Massive Race Kit Front brakes (Wilwood Superlite calipers, 11.75 x 1.25 rotors, with Wilwood H pads)
    Bimmerworld brake ducts, with detachable hoses.
    Stock rear brakes (PFC 08 rear pads installed)
    Racetech rollbar: really nice, powder coated, tig welded, bolt-in bar
    Schroth 4pt ASM Rallycross harnesses included.
    IO Port seat back brace included.
    4 Matte Bronze 949 Racing 6UL 15x8 wheels with new Toyo RA-1 R-comp tires (street/rain tires)
    custom wheel spacers (hubcentric for both hub and wheel)
    AP wheel studs

    M-tech II body kit (The real deal. ABS plastic with BMW markings)
    ’95 E36 M3 steering rack
    Blacked out window trim
    Euro Headlight surround
    Custom ABS front under tray.
    Wet Okole neoprene seat covers: Black with Tan piping (tan sport seats have a couple leather tears)
    E36 A/C compressor with hard lines and custom hoses for the E30 chassis included.(to re-install you’ll need new R-134 o-rings a new dryer and an E30 condenser, since I can’t seem to find mine; you’ll also need to re-mount the Spal fan in front of the condenser)
    Paint is starting to show wear from track use.
    Sunroof doesn’t really work (motor does, but it needs a new cable, I just unplugged the switch and leave it closed)
    On board computer lights have died.
    Suspension is a bit too stiff and clunky for street use: softer springs can fix some of that, but if you want a street car, you’ll need more compliant bushings as well.

    Extras that can be purchased/negotiated:
    4 Silver 949 Racing 6UL 15x8 wheels with scrubbed Nitto NT-01 R-comp tires (dry tires)-- $900ish
    Cobra Imola II race seat in great condition (expired, but great for track days)--$300ish
    Two New Wilwood Spec-37 front brake rotors: $75 per rotor.
    Tuned Miller WAR chip for above motor( 235 rwhp on Mustang dyno, can be further tuned, or tuned for a different motor) $200.
    Two sets Front Wheel bearings (FAG), locks, caps: $100 per set.
    Fog lamp blanks, both: $25.

    The car is located near Portland, Oregon.
    If interested, send a PM, or email me: kurt at kuzimmer dot com

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    What a seriously clean car. GLWS


      Awesome car.


        Nicely and a decent price. GLWS


          18 years man? You should really keep it!


            Really good price for car like this. I have very similar car and it cost me around 15k to build and I am still in need of few things. Good luck with sale

            In case someone buys it and want to sell your suspension set up, give them my contact info. I would buy it.
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              Damn this is nice.


                Holy shit. This is incredible. How have I not seen this around?!
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                  Thanks for all the kind words everyone.

                  Originally posted by Austin! View Post
                  Holy shit. This is incredible. How have I not seen this around?!
                  I'm an instructor with BMW ACA and Oregon PCA and the car has been at just about every BMW and Porsche track day at PIR since 2004. Otherwise, I didn't drive it a lot.
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                    loads of car for the $$$ GLWS OP!

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                      damn good deal
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                        Damn that's Alotta car for the $$$.
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                          Absolutely mint looking!!!
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                            Wow, what a car and what a price!

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                              Should be priced at $15k, this shouldn't last long.
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