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SOLD! 1989 325i convertible $5000 - Seattle area

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    SOLD! 1989 325i convertible $5000 - Seattle area

    *** SOLD on 5/15! ***

    *** Price Dropped from $6000 to $5000 ***

    174500 miles​
    Alpinweiss II with dunkelbraun top​
    5 speed manual
    Paint 8/9 imo - no dents, dings, major scratches etc​
    Crack free dash​
    Stock restoration except for stealth stereo upgrade​

    Reppin' it at the LeMay Museum, BMW CCA Cabrios 'n Cake show:

    Clean carfax with some service notes, but no big piles of receipts from prior owners​
    Top end rebuild at 124K​
    excellent repaint in Alpinweiss II around 150K​
    Side trim delete professionally done at same time​

    Then I got it in Dec 2016, at 157K, and put some serious resto-mod in: (plenty of records for these)​

    2017 Dark Brown top to match original, by Convertibles Only​

    Mech work done by Strictly BMW (mainly by proprietor Jeff Newell, who raced E30's for decades)​
    2017 Timing belt, 2018 water pump (new Genuine BMW), resurfaced water pump seal mating face on block​
    2017 New shocks AND new-from-BMW springs all around (the front springs took a month to get from Germany)​
    (front springs ride high, might be for 325ix. Drop hats might do if you don't like the ride height - I like it as is)​
    2017 New stock BMW bushings etc as needed all around - car handles like-new-ish​, plenty responsive, loads of fun to drive
    2018 Brake pads, rotors, calipers, reservoir seals​
    2017 Oil pan gasket, gearbox gasket, all new fluids - no leaks​
    2017 new battery ​
    Oil & filter changes all on or ahead of schedule​

    2017 Windshield by Euroglass: New windshield & chromed trim strip​

    2017 Riken 195/65R14 all-season Grand Touring tires (closest match to original OEM, Continental doesn't carry any more)​

    Stuff I've done:​
    2017-18 New BMW and/or Original OEM headlights, fog lights, turn signal lenses, all lamps, front bumper strips, front grill pieces​
    2017 Stripped/deep-cleaned/re-installed interior including thorough ozone treatment​

    The "mod" part of the restoration is the sound system, done in the most-original look I could:​
    2017 "new" E36 BMW Business CD43 "high power" (haha) head unit​
    2017 New speaker wiring bypasses original wiring to rear amp (original wiring in place & intact, still have original tape deck with code & amp if you want to revert)​
    New JBL "high-efficiency" (2.7 ohm) speakers all around (stealth mod of original panels for slightly larger speaker cone areas)​
    New Kenwood bass boxes under front seats (stealth mod - raised seats 15mm to accomodate)​

    2018 New operating antenna mast​
    2018 New OBDC light strip​
    2018 New odometer gears (lost about 200 miles between the break and the fix)​
    2018 New SI Board batteries (yes the SI board looks great, no corrosion or long-screw damage; no the batteries had not died prior to refresh, so transistors/caps should be ok)(yes I re-applied compliance resin to seal the re-soldered connections)​
    2017 New seat shocks, convertible top shocks & top lid shocks​
    2017 New window seals​
    2017 Cleaned, tightened, re-lubed all window mechanisms​
    2017 New floor mats​
    2017 New car cover​
    2018 Maintenance charger plug wired into battery, tbh I've never needed as its DD duties keep the battery charged up​
    2018 New wind screen stealth install w/ no holes in rear sides (rides on top of interior rear sides)​

    Body is square where it counts, but: ​
    Replacement rocker panel trim piece included but not installed - should be an easy Summer afternoon job (but it's not Summer - my policy is "don't mess with 30yo plastic in cool weather")​
    - right rear corner is lifted 4-6mm somewhere south of the convertible top bin & cover. ​
    Trunk closes & seals ok. You get to choose whether to adjust the trunk stops for "no-effort closure" with a visible 1-2mm misalignment, or for "best look" with an extra press to latch. I go with "best look" and the extra press.​ See photos for gaps on trunk lid adjusted each way.

    Other "but" items:
    - Rust on driver's rocker panel; see photos.

    At this point I've put over $16K into the car, and gotten out 18K of DD, scenic-driving and club touring miles. ​
    Passing it on now, with best wishes for your continued stewardship of this lovely car.

    Photo album on Flicker:

    Sample shots from album:

    What a lovely car...

    zomg that stock front end looks so good!

    CD43 upgrade looks right at home

    174305 and counting...

    High-mounted windscreen fits right in with its beige trim... and super easy to get doggies & blankets in & out of back seat
    Last edited by bobdavisnpf; 05-16-2019, 12:52 PM. Reason: sold

    Beige, I've seen it all!!

    Glws! Looks tits mate!




        Originally posted by partyof5 View Post
        Yes, stock and in good shape. New genuine BMW shift boot in 2017.
        Thanks for asking, I'll try an add a pic showing shifter to the gallery.


          Pretty sure I see this car in Redmond from time to time commuting in the morning...Tempting


            Originally posted by Phineus View Post
            Pretty sure I see this car in Redmond from time to time commuting in the morning...Tempting
            why yes, yes you do…


              Beautiful car. GLWS!


                it's just a ETA !


                  Price dropped to $5000


                    PM sent!!


                      Another PM sent.


                        Another PM sent


                          Sale pending