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1984 318i

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    1984 318i

    Im selling a 1984 318i I may be able to provide reciept of purchases for brand new items.


    5-Speed swap last year: Bought tranny with 150k mi now has around 160k

    New Sachs Clutch: <10k mi

    NEW Slave Cylinder: <7k mi


    Rebuilt head: rebuilt head from 85' 318i + All New Gaskets (intake, exhaust, throttlebody, head, water inlet/outlet)

    Stock bottom end

    Brand New starter

    New Muffler 1yr old


    Brown interior in Fair condition. Rips in seats. Rear bench still has good cushion. Front two seats are OK. No rips in carpet. Dash has two cracks. Heater works, ac DID work, fan blows (3 speed)


    Never been in an accident.

    Body is solid, doors/panels all line up when closed.

    Some rust around tail lights and some in trunk.

    Has full spare. 2 front tires are new <10kmi on them. Rear tires still have 70% tread left so they are in good condition.

    Gold Paint with chrome trim.

    Stock Bottle cap rims :D

    MODS :twisted: :

    Schrick 292 cams: <1kmi (NOT a REGRIND)

    Modified intake with 325i TB and widened Intake manifold.
    Custome throttle linkage

    Mechanical Fan delete

    Lower temp thermostat <10k mi


    ITBs from Suzuki GSXR 750. Have them along with the lower manifold stub. Was going to make a custom adaptor and weld the tbs on but i dont have the time any more nor the money to continue.

    I looked into MS and bought a trigger wheel and crank pulley but i havent sandwiched/welded them together. again time and money issue

    I also have a small computer that i was going to put in the car with megasquirt so that i could tune where ever i go w/o needing a laptop. So small it could fit underseat or in glove box. 10 3/4 x 9 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches

    there are other things included since i have many parts

    Why am I selling??

    Right now im in way over my head. I im juggling school, and work, and i dont have time to finish the mods i want to do. I need money to pay off some of my debt since i fell in to the credit card scams at school :crazy:. I love this car since its my FIRST :D . But i have to let it go with much regret.

    How Much?

    Im not trying to get rich and i know im not going to get all what i put into it. I think 1000 OBO is fair. 292 cams itself fetches 400 and if i part it i know i could get at least 300 and like i said its no regrind. the head cost me around 160 and it was rebuilt 30k mi ago. The TB adaptor itself cost around 50 but its good quality CNC aluminum from (thanks tom) I know blue book should be around there as well maybe more. The engine is solid with regular oil changes and other necessary maintainance. I did put a lot of wrenching hrs in as well but really cant put a price on that :D but it was time worth spending.

    Im guessing one could buy this as a nice track car since ive pretty much done the hard work. Im currently using it as a DD and it get good gas mileage around 28-30 (not mpg gauge)

    You can contact me:
    on here or at
    or CP: 7577540334

    I live in Chesapeake VA, 23322

    EDIT: Also forgot to metion, passed VA STATE INSPECTION with flying colors. and has updated registration for 2007. I have the title In hand!!
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    Pics Yay!!!!

    Here is a pic of my cars right side. I have more but they are very large pics and would have to compress them but i cant at the moment. Im also including a pic of my "idea" of itbs which i was going to do. if more people request pics ill post them but email is best cuz most of the pics were taken at 2048 x 1536. I also have pics of the head change and 292 swap.

    ENJOY! :drink:
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      feed back bump?


        Sale Pending


          This sounds like a sick start for a turbo monster.
          Back to my roots




              Still For Sale

              Last deal fell through. bad for me...good for YOU :finger: as in...

              LOWER PRICES!!!!!!

              New sell price: $900.00USD

              Any kind of feed back is wanted....


                Could buy and part out? (jus an idea) and you would make more than the sale price. Plus im including extras.

                Is there anybody of slight interest? I can fill in any details if necessary.

                Or is it bc its a M10 318i


                  Bump! Is the price too high?


                    Bump :puppy:


                      soopaBUMP :pimp:


                        bump up da jam, bump it up, up da jam


                          more pics

                          forgot to mention the bumper tuck thingy

                          um...yea look at the stock 318i tb, the gsxr tb, and the 325i tb...

                          i love head!

                          Shcrick is da man!

                          Some assembly required...

                          as with these as well...

                          open wide

                          Nice adaptor...
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                            Yes thats a IC behind the trigger wheel and pulley


                              man.. tempting, just dont think I can justify the cash right now. If I hadn't bought an m50 which is taking forever to swap in, I'd probably pick it up.
                              Old and improved: