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Feeler: My 1991 318is

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    Feeler: My 1991 318is

    1991 318is
    213,500 miles on the clock

    Just a feeler..


    It has quarter panel damage, but not major. The pictures show this.

    I may or may not have this fixed before I decide to sell the car.

    Here's the real nitty gritty.


    The interior used to completely tan cloth, as you can see in the pics, that has all changed. They came out of an 88 325ix. They were
    originally cracked up and dry, but more importantly they had no tears. I bought a leatherique kit to bring the seats back to new. You'll notice that they do indeed look new, and they will look just as good in person!

    I have also converted the standard (worthless) 6-button OBC to the 13-button OBC found on 325is'. I had to buy the European coding plug in order to make this work... Its quite cool. Oh and you won't have to replace the bulb either, I've replaced it to a nice red LED bulb.

    I will also be including a Compustar Alarm..the model is 2WSS-AS. It was one of the best things I bought for this car! Wiring it up was a nightmare, so I've spared you the trouble!


    I will be keeping the audio setup for my next car..

    The car is pre-wired for speakers, components and a sub.

    I have dynamated the whole floorboard along with the area where the rear seats are. I did this when I was swapping the old tan interior out for the black.


    Very strong motor!

    I recently bought a MarkD chip and installed a lightened E30 323i flywheel.

    Maintenance wise, I've just been keeping up with oil changes every 3000 miles and the gear oil. This car has been a really great daily driver!

    I haven’t had any issues with the motor. I have a folder full of service records coming from the p/o and a whole stack from me.

    The motor (as well as the chassis) have 213,500 miles on it now and she's still kicking!

    Also, the standard coil packs have been converted to Coil On Plugs. The car runs nice and smooth.

    Some info:


    I installed Bilstein Heavy Duty Shocks all around w/ H&R O.E. Sports Springs shortly after purchasing the car…

    I have replaced every bushing except for the sway bar end links (front and rear). The control arms including the lollipops (poly), subframe bushings, and trailing arm bushings (poly) have all been replaced in the past 4k miles.

    Also she has PVC coated stainless steel DOT approved brake lines. Brake rotors (brembo blanks) and pads (axxis ultimates) have been replaced as well.

    Forgot to mention! I have installed a 1998 E36 M3 rack on this car! The difference between this rack and the standard E30 rack is night and day!!


    There's a bit developing by the rear valance, under the looks like it can be patched up pretty easily.

    The door. I have a replacement that I picked up not too long ago that’s a different shade of red (My intentions were to get the car fully repainted and fixed of course). The rust is only on the actual door, there are no leaks! What else...there’s surface rust developing by the kidney grill...looks like you can just get some sand paper on that and repaint.


    I will NOT be including the wheels in the sale. I will be including the 14 inch wheels seen on the flickr link.

    HOWEVER, for an additional $750 I'll include the wheels with nearly brand new 205/55 16 Bridgestone Potenza Pole Position S-03's!


    In order from most recent:

    iS Lip (Not Mounted) - May 2007
    Ryan G Spilter (Not Mounted)
    H&R Wheel Spacers (15mm) - 212k
    75w90 Diff Oil an Diff Gasket replaced - 212k
    Diff Bushing - 212k
    Various Vacuum Hoses Replaced - 212k
    M20 Flyhweel Conversion - 212k
    M20 Clutch and Pressure Plate - 212k
    Wheel Alignment - 212k
    ACT 16x7.5 Rims - 212k
    Bridgestone Potenza Pole Position S-03 - 212k
    Brembo Blanks all around - 211,5xx
    Right Strut Tower Mount - 211,5xx
    Control Arms and Poly CAB's (centric) - 211k
    Brake Pad Sensor - 211k
    Exhaust Mounting Kit - 211k
    Supersprint Exhaust - 211k
    O2 Sensor - 211,112k
    Tail light gasket - 211,112
    Oil Change 15w40 - 210,5xx
    Oil Pan Gasket - 210,5xx
    RR Wheel Bearing Kit - 210,5xx
    PVC Coated DOT approved SS Lines - 210,5xx
    Hand Brake Shoes - 210,5xx
    OEM Subframe Bushings - 210,5xx
    IE Poly Trailing Arm Bushings - 210,5xx
    Redline Tranny Oil - 210,5xx
    Sunroof Crank - 210,7xx
    NGK Spark Plugs - 210,7xx
    Coil-On-Plug Conversion - 210k
    Oil Change - 207k
    Fuel Filter - 207k
    Billet Aluminum Shock Tower Mounts - 209k
    TPS Sensor - 209k
    13-Button OBC (Euro) Plug
    E36 M3 Offset CAB's - 205k
    Tail Light Gasket - 205k
    NGK Plugs - 205,550
    Axxis Ultimate Brake Pads - 205k
    Bav Auto Engraved Mats
    Timing Chain Tensioner - 204k
    Oil Change - 204k
    13-Button OBC
    Tan Cloth to Black Leather Swap (including grey carpet)
    Oil Change - 202k
    Sway Bar Endlinks - 201k
    Wheel Alignment - 200,935
    Bilstein HD Shocks - 200,935
    H&R O.E. Sports Springs - 200,935
    Falken Ziex 512's (Front's only) - 200,920
    E28 535i Motor Mounts - 200,220
    OEM Tranny Mounts - 200,220
    Brake Switch - 200k
    Timing Chain Tensioner - 200k
    Z3 1.9l Shifter - 199k

    Previous Owner:

    A/C Blower Motor - 179k - Feb 2004
    OEM Muffler - Aug 2004
    M42 Clutch - June 2004
    Duralast Battery - July 2003
    Alternator - July 2003
    Control Arm - May 2003
    2 BMW Strut - May 2003
    ICV - Dec 2003
    Bushings - April 2003
    Fuel Pump - 178k - April 2003
    Glovebox Latch - October 2003
    Water Pump - Sept 2003
    AUX Fan - Sept 2003
    Fan Switch -Sept 2003
    Left Control Arm - April 2002
    Control Arm Bushing - April 2002
    Coolant Level Sender - Jan 2001
    Sunroof Crank - Jan 2001
    Brake Sensor - Jan 2001
    KYB Shocks - 147k
    Shock Tower Mounts - 147k
    Yokohoma Tires - Jan 2001
    Head Gasket - Sept 2002
    Profile Gasket - Sept 2002

    I'm thinking $3,500.


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    any interest?
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      Why do all the nice cars have to be so far away :(


        Originally posted by A.LACK View Post
        Why do all the nice cars have to be so far away :(
        funny, i say that about cars on the west coast :)

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          Originally posted by dude8383 View Post
          funny, i say that about cars on the west coast :)

          Were you the one from NY who called on my Ti?
          Past: 1991 330is; 1995 318ti; 1993 325is; 1997 318ti; 1989 332is; 1999 Z3 M Coupe


            Originally posted by windnsea00 View Post
            Were you the one from NY who called on my Ti?
            I dont think so man... If I was looking at a Ti, it would probably have an S50/S52 in it :)

            Just looking to get into something else, still sticking with BMW though.

            But I did reply to your thread saying it was a really good looking Ti :)
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              ur sig is from floyd bennit field how ever its spelled....


                Originally posted by E30 318T View Post
                ur sig is from floyd bennit field how ever its spelled....
                you are correct :)
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                  Bump, I've added a pretty thorough list of maintenance and odds/ends that have been done to the car.

                  I'm pretty I've missed some stuff so please ask.

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                      bump forgot to mention the headlights.
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                          bumpin again
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                            to the top again
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                              Dude, I'm sorry to see this well-maintained beast go. At least swap something into it!