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    24v Parts, e30 Parts

    I've got some stuff just sitting around that could be put to use.

    M50 waterpump - $25. not metal impeller, good condition, worked fine just replacing as maintenence.

    M50 cams - $100. great condition, very little scoring on cams or trays. also have trays/bearing caps depending on what you need.

    M50 E36 oil pan, pickup tube for pump, dipstick - $50.

    M50 Automatic Flywheel - dunno what its worth. $20?

    M50 Fuel Rail - $25

    M50 exhaust manifolds - $25

    Plastic thermostat housing - $5

    E30 diving board fog lights with brackets - $5 a piece, the glass is broken on one but they work fine and have working bulbs.

    E30 wiper fluid reservoir/pump/level sensor - $20

    medium case 2.93 open differential - $50