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49k Miles 1989 325IS Part Out. Taking Part Requests!

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    49k Miles 1989 325IS Part Out. Taking Part Requests!

    I am parting out a Bronzit 1989 325IS. These are the parts that I have have taken off and photographed. Each Few days I will add more parts as I disassemble the car. Everything is available minus seats and diff. Most parts are pretty minty. P'm if you dont see pics of a particular item and I will send them.

    Minty Tan Door Panels-$125

    Drivers side fender-$35 Dented

    Driver and passengers air vents perfect condition-$15 each

    Center Air Vent perfect condition-$20

    Hood $80

    Spare Bottlecap-$35
    Prices do not include shipping and would not really like to ship larger parts.

    Prices and Description:

    US Ellipsoid Headlights and Bulbs SOLD.

    Complete Tool Kit SOLD

    Rearview Mirror $15-Good condition.

    Tail Light Drivers Side $20-Great condition with a small crack on the bottom corner. Not very noticeable. Crack is shown in pics.

    Plastic Tail Light Bulb Holders Pair $25-Some scratches as shown in pics.

    Passenger and Driver Door Seals $20 each-Rubber is fresh and not ripped or broken.

    Check Panel $5

    Front Valence Grill $25

    Cigarette Lighter $5

    Stock Jack $20

    E-Brake Acordian Boot $5

    E-Brake Handle $5

    Front Ashtray with Shroud $15

    Driver Bumper Shock $20

    Horns Pair $20-Tested and functional

    Rear Bumper $35-Damaged but could most likely be repaired.

    Automatic Shift Cover Plate $10-One Broken Clip and broken plastic mount. Easily repairable.

    Electronic Driver and Passenger Mirrors $25 Each-Paint is a little bubbly at the bottom of each

    Headlight Shroud Backings Pair $10

    Tan Speaker Kick Panels Pair $35-Excellent Shape

    Door Sill Trim $35
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    What color is it? I need a shiny good condition drivers side front fender that is red. I will need it shipped to nashville , tn. 37013


      hows the dash? was it a stick?

      Originally posted by ApexGoblin
      well make sure your priorities are straight... e30 first :up:


        Driver side window regulator.
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          Need the e-brake console and fogs in good shape... Have that?


            if it's red i'll take both fenders ...


              Price for entire head/intake manifold/throttle body/AFM?


                Center console? Blinker lenses? Side markers, euro trim?




                    PM sent on the obc.


                      uncut harness for Maplight & Stock AMP. lmk if these availble.. thanks
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                        what color?

                        and like 100 pics need to be posted

                        Please leave feedback below, thanks



                          Passenger fog shipped to 60641
                          Originally posted by Good & Tight
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                            headlights shipped 33625


                              electric sunroof headliner (plastic only, no visor/motor) 92630

                              floor mats?
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