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Euro Cluster Conversion Kits, Italvolanti wheel, Mint Euro stuff

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    Euro Cluster Conversion Kits, Italvolanti wheel, Mint Euro stuff

    Updated 3/13

    These cluster conversions allow you to keep your known functional cluster and just update the faces, preserve your real cluster milage.

    Set #1 - Clock, Check, late model euro cluster conversion

    $120 shipped
    Optionally add Alpina green tach stripes and white logo +$5

    Set #2 - Check, late model euro Diesel cluster conversion (pictured clock not available atm)
    For the giggles in your gas car or various swapped cars.
    Includes special bulbs for the glowplug light and whatever that third injection one is. Can be wired to battery light for example.
    Battery, oil, circle arrow(?) logos slightly faded.

    $50 shipped

    Set #3 - early cluster conversion

    $40 shipped
    Optionally add Alpina green tach stripes and white logo +$10

    While you're fiddling with the cluster, you can add alu rings for +$35
    I have one set of each color, but can get more (+ black, blue, green, gold) if there's interest.
    These aren't snap-on, rather require a dab of glue.

    Two late SI boards in untested condition, looks like they're both OK.
    Check numbers for compatibility.

    $35 /ea shipped or $60 both shipped

    And of course if you need anything special, certain cluster types etc., just hit me a pm. I also have all analog clock parts, except faces. Ie. the clear inner plastic that breaks and causes one of the button's failure. E21, E28, E34, E36 stuff also.

    New foglight lenses available here

    Brown Italvolanti steering wheel here

    Potential buyer please read:
    Upon PayPal payment, please write a short description of whichever part(s) you're buying.
    If the shipping address is different than the address sent by PayPal, please include that in the message also.

    Otherwise I have to go through PMs and compare them and find which part you wanted, which takes up lots of time.
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    I'll take one of the late plate fillers. PM me your paypal.

    I'm also interested in some euro grills, smilies and late front bumper trim if you'll have them available any time soon.
    "We praise or find fault, depending on which of the two provides more opportunity for our powers of judgement to shine."


      I'll take the mstirip clock pm me plz paypal
      Who`s attention, and why do I have to pay them?


        If I can get a picture of the other euro filler, I'll take the other one.


          Both fillers gone. I'll try to get some more next week.


            Flavor Flav cluster added.




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                  is the M striped clock still avail?

                  '05 BMW M3 - Silver Grey/Imola Red
                  '90 BMW 325iX - Sterling Silver/Houndstooth sport(5-speed converted)
                  '15 Mini Countryman - Blazing Red/Carbon Black

                  '01 Audi Allroad - Light Silver/Platinum Saber Black
                  '88 BMW 325iX - Diamond Schwarz/Silver sport *Sold*
                  '01.5 1.8TQ - Brilliant Black/Nogaro Alcantara ...after 8.5yrs, *Sold* =(
                  '90 BMW 325i - Schwarz/Tan sport *Sold*
                  '89 BMW 325ix - Diamond Schwarz/Black sport *Sold*


                    PM sent..

                    I bought his Euro Clocks in the Past! Great Seller.. Ships fast!
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                      If/when you get a regular early model plate filler shoot me a pm with a reasonable price. I'll probably take it. Thanks.


                        is the M clock still available?


                          When you get a late model euro plate filler in shoot me a pm. Shipped to 98074



                            Everything sent out. Tracking updated on PayPal.
                            They'll be trackable on in about 5 days (once they're stateside).



                              I don't generally like M stuff everywhere but this compliments a MT wheel or shifter nicely.

                              One M clock with crosshairs ready to ship.
                              $55 shipped

                              Regular clocks still available.
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