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henryki's For Sale/FREE STUFF Thread!!

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    henryki's For Sale/FREE STUFF Thread!!

    Sup R3v, here to clear out my garage clutter of E30 parts.

    Shipping will be on the buyers dime.


    If you PM me and agree to a price for any item, I will give you 24 hours to send payment. If payment is not sent by then and there is someone else interested in the same item, then the item will be sold to them. Not trying to be a douche, but I need to get rid of parts ASAP and can't be waiting on people to send payment if others are willing to buy right now.

    I'm not trying to rip anyone off here, I want someone else be able to use these parts rather than me just tossing them, If you're interested in something just PM me the item you're interested in and your zip code for shipping, and I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can, but bear with me if I don't get back to you right away, I go to school full time and work on call so things can get pretty hectic at times.

    and if there are any issues with this post let me know and I'll get it resolved asap! Thanks!

    I am located in Southern California, specifically Corona.

    Sorry in advance for the crap pictures, only have a cell phone for a camera at the moment, If you want a better picture of something just tell me what it is, and I'll try my best to snap a better picture.

    1] Sedan Passenger glass for manual roll down windows FREE Picked up only

    2] Sedan rear doors (left and right) weather stripping, in almost brand new condition, I can take closer pictures if requested $20 EACH LOCAL PICK UP ONLY the seals have metal inside of them and I don't want to bend and damage them during shipping.

    3] Radiator for automatic trans cars. FREE! Don't know the condition of it, it was given to me and I don't have a use for it.

    front of radiator

    4] 11 blade radiator puller fan $5 + shipping

    5] OEM A/C pusher fan Tested $20 + shipping

    6] handbrake handle $5 + shipping (sale pending)

    7] Autozone gas cap - FREE!

    8] Distributor cap, no rotor $5

    9] [/B]Fan shroud, (slightly broken) FREE![/B]

    10] Front brake calipers, probably needs to be rebuilt, haven't really looked into it, $15 + shipping for both. (Sale Pending)

    11] Oil Cap $10 + shipping

    12] AC switch, lights are slightly dim, but still works $3 + shipping (sale pending)

    13] Airbag Module with Airbag steering wheel (still need to upload pictures) - $10 all together + shipping

    14] Battery Cover $10 + shipping

    before cleaning


    15] Sedan front and rear arm rests (no map pockets) $25 for all 4 + shipping

    16] Windshield washer fluid motor tested works :up: $10 + shipping SOLD!

    17] Mirror adjustment switches 2 tested 1 not $7 + shipping for tested two untested one is $3

    18] Defroster and hazard switch, $5 each + shipping

    (the white back is the defroster, and the white mark on the top left of it is white out)

    19] Delete plate for HVAC SOLD

    20] rear view mirror $5 + shipping

    21] 3 interior door handles (1 driver side 1 passenger side) $7 each + shipping

    22] Driver side mirror (not tested) $5 + shipping (sale pending)

    23] Windshield Washer fluid bottle with sensor & motor, both tested, $15 + shipping SOLD!

    24] Interior Door handle trim ring SOLD

    25] Another rearview mirror $5+ shipping

    26] Exterior door handles (2 for sale) SOLD

    27] Window switches SOLD

    28] passenger side mirror switch delete plug $3 + shipping

    29] Washer bottle strainer $5+ shipping, I'll try to clean it up a little bit before shipping SOLD!

    30] Washer bottle cap $3 + shipping SOLD!

    31] Steering wheel roundel $5 + shipping

    This picture is trying to show that none of the paint has been scratched off the back

    32] Door dinger $10 + shipping

    33] BMW Gas cap, $7+ shipping

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      bump, I'll try and respond to all PM's today. I only have one class today so i'll try to get to it ASAP. thanks!


        bumpity bump,

        sale pending on door handle and door dinger.


          Passenger side brake duct shipped to 33166?

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            Originally posted by E30_GT View Post
            Passenger side brake duct shipped to 33166?

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            I'll PM you the quote tomorrow.



              Ok be waiting. ..



                will be getting shipping quotes after I get out of class today, be replying to all PM's hopefully by around 2


                  bump! come on people cheap prices for parts! if you want something that isn't listed on this thread PM me what part you're looking for and I might be able to find it off of my friends sedan that he's parting out.


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                      Originally posted by TehRaydarlover View Post
                      PM replied, and invoice sent.



                        nice sig lol
                        SO MUCH MORE TO DO!!
                        IG: ohthejosh

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                          Originally posted by ohthejosh View Post
                          nice sig lol
                          hahaha thank you for writing that, I literally lol'd while eating oreos when I read that and they went everywhere hahhaa.


                            Bump! Orders are shipping today!


                              Just pulled more parts last night, will be updating list of stuff very soon!

                              if you have any parts that you do not see on this thread, PM me what you need, and I might be able to pull it from my friends sedan parts car, he only has it till next week, PM ME PEOPLE!