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FS: OEM Radio with AUX (Mp3) and LineOut

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    FS: OEM Radio with AUX (Mp3) and LineOut


    I'm selling my car radio from an e36 thats also fits perfectly in e30.

    I solded a AUX input on the board so instead of cassette it is playing Mp3 music from my phone (3,5mm plug).

    To get better sound, there is also a LineOut on the radio, so it can be operated with a subwoofer or any amplifier. The blue cable is the remote for these.

    All in all perfect sound with oldschool looks.

    It works as in the vid:

    The radio code is included of course.

    I'm located in Germany, so shipping to the US takes about 4 weeks. Shipping (with tracking) is included in the price of USD 125 which have to be paid via PayPal.

    Feel free to ask me any question about it.

    Best regards,

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    Too expensive or whats the matter? :-)

    Still for sale!


      Do you know if the radio can be set to the "odd" decimal frequencies that we use in the USA?

      I know Europe uses "Even" decimals ... like 101.2, 101.4, 101.6, 101.8.

      Our FM stations are 101.1, 101.3, 101.5, 101.7, etc.

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        ^^ same question ^^
        89 - 325i now
        91 - 325i RIP
        99 - e36 M3 then
        89 - 325i then
        98 - e36 M3 then


          Good hint - sorry that I did not give any info about this.

          To me this looks good (sorry, its stupid mobile phone quality :)):
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            Hi there,

            got another one for sale - please see the pics.

            Specifications and conditions as written above :)

            Best regards,

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              What's the black piece on the bottom of the receiver and does it come off? Very interested in one for my new car.
              Hank Ahrens
              1984 Alpine Coupe
              1978 911sc


                u can buy a cd player for like $50 with bluetooth now so yeah 125 is too much
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                  Originally posted by ahrensNW View Post
                  What's the black piece on the bottom of the receiver and does it come off? Very interested in one for my new car.
                  Sorry, I don't get it? What kind of black piece?

                  Thizelle: Yu can buy a new Golf for way less than an e30 M3 - but then you got a new Golf and not a youngtimer so thats a poor comparison ;)