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E30 Dinan Turbo Kit (1 of 20 Rare) - Huge price drop

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    E30 Dinan Turbo Kit (1 of 20 Rare) - Huge price drop

    Well, the time has come to put my Dinan Turbo kit up for sale. I know that I will regret it down the line, but I just don't see myself putting it to use anytime soon.

    A Bit of History: Between the years of 1988 and 1991, Dinan of California made custom one-off Turbo Kits for the BMW E30 3-series car. 20 of them were installed on 325i's, 6 on M3's (obviously a different kit for the M3), and supposedly all of these cars were sold brand new from a BMW dealer in Morgan Hill, CA to the tune of $40K. Dinan rated the kit at 290bhp and 300ft-lbs on 11psi. I personally don't know of any others, and the previous owner told me that Dinan only new of 3 left in existence. This was 7 years ago.

    My Kit's Backstory: The original car was a '91 Alpine white 325i 4dr, purchased from the dealer with the kit installed. If my memory serves, the original owner had passed, and the second owner purchased the car from his mother with a blown head gasket. Being a mechanic, he rebuilt the motor and sent out the turbo to be rebuilt as well. After that point, the car was sold to a friend of his. Unfortunately after a few years, the car ended up being involved in an accident and was put up for sale in ~2008, somewhere under 30K miles after the rebuild. This is when I bought it, shipped it from the west coast to the east coast, and had the entire motor/drivetrain installed in my e30. I have since put another ~30K on the setup. In the accident, the SMIC was damaged. It was located behind the driver headlight, and in order to make it fit Dinan had relocated the ABS unit and had run custom brake lines. Instead of going through the trouble of doing the same, and still run an inferior SMIC setup, I opted to install a custom water-to-air intercooler system. The full turbo kit parts list follows below. Here is a pic of the original car:

    Parts List: (Everything pictured below is included)
    • Turbo Exhaust Manifold - Dinan
    • IHI Turbocharger - Dinan
    • Intake Pipe - Dinan
    • Downpipe - Dinan
    • Bosch Diverter Valve - Dinan (replaced under my ownership w/ same brand/PN)
    • Tial 38mm Wastegate
      **The original Garrett wastegate failed during my ownership (I can provide PN and info).
      This part was NLA, so it was replaced with the Tial which was a bolt on.
    • 2 Wastgate Pipes - Dinan and aftermarket
      **The 38mm Tial WG was bigger than the original Dinan unit. I bought a bigger SS pipe,
      for improved flow but never installed it.
    • SS oil/vacuum lines - Dinan
    • 25lb. Injectors - Dinan
      **Cleaned and flow tested at VACmotorsports. 20 miles on them since.
    • Bosch Spark plugs - NEW and same brand/PN as original Dinan plugs
    • Dinan Gauge Pod w/ original oil temp and boost gauges - Dinan
    • Dinan Badge
    • Dinan Carpets - *not sure if they are original.
    • Dinan Turbotronics 4 & 5 Engine Management w/ original car harness
      **These are included for novelty. The car ran rich during my ownership, and near the
      end they started to malfunction. I am including a standalone engine management
      that is plug and play and much better tech.
    • Megasquirt Standalone ECU - WhodWho from R3V and e30tech
    • LC1 and AFR gauge
    • Intercooler
    • IC piping, silicone couplers, T-Bolt clamps
    • Heat Exchanger and Hoses - mounts behind driver brake duct, can add a second one on the passenger side
    • Bosch Water Pump

    Some Extras:
    • GM IAT Sensor - Should you choose to run it instead of the stock AMF
    • Custom Econometer Boost Gauge
      **Unfortunately, my dumbass sent in a faulty RPM gauge to have this installed. As a
      result, the rpm gauge does not read correctly. You'll have to swap the boost gauge
      portion to a good rpm gauge, so not totally the end of the world.

    Price: Sold


    You'll will find pictures here:
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    E30 Dinan Turbo



      CARB legal?
      Drive it hard. Maintain it well.

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        If I was still 6...


          Originally posted by GAbOS View Post
          If I was still 6...



            this kit is fuckin amazing. I'd like to know if it's BAR approved, i'm sure it might be grandfathered in?

            good job on the air to water intercooler. The stock maf setup looks factory. so cool.



              Very cool! GLWS! 8)
              Classic BMW Specialists
              Santa Clarita, CA



                Originally posted by suruba View Post
                If this was around when I decided to go m60, my car may have had a different history.


                  Thanks everyone!

                  Originally posted by mr2peak View Post
                  CARB legal?
                  Originally posted by suruba View Post
                  this kit is fuckin amazing. I'd like to know if it's BAR approved, i'm sure it might be grandfathered in?

                  good job on the air to water intercooler. The stock maf setup looks factory. so cool.

                  I never really inquired bout CARB since I am on the east coast. The previous owner, had the white car registered in Oregon. Since these cars were sold from a CA BMW dealer, I am sure something had to happen for it to be CARB legal. But I really don't know what the CARB laws were like back in the late 80's early 90's.

                  I do have the title to the original white car, and that will be included with the kit. Dinan might be able to provide more information on this, but then again it has been 25 years since.
                  E30 Dinan Turbo


                    another great ad:)

                    Best for sale ad of the year:). Good luck, wish I needed a turbo, because this one is


                      Wow. I knew it had to be yours.

                      Wish I could fund and house a second build. Unreal cool factor here with Dinan kit.
                      ACS S3 Build / Dinan 5 E34


                        Look through the kit, and see if there are any CARB stickers or stamps anywhere. If it is truly CARB legal, then it is really, truly irreplaceable.
                        Drive it hard. Maintain it well.

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                        A Topless Memorandum



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                            Originally posted by mr2peak View Post
                            CARB legal?
                            Not carb legal.

                            In 1991 I called Dinan for a price on stage II turbo kit for my e30 m3. Dinan quoted me $10,000 and not carb legal. The 325i Dinan turbo was not carb legal. I use to have Dinan catalogs. It never mentioned carb legal. It just would say off road racing Vehicles.
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                              Originally posted by bimma360 View Post
                              The previous owner, had the white car registered in Oregon.
                              By chance, was there aftermarket stereo stuff in that car? Three small Zapco amps, 4 8" woofers across the back seat?

                              I worked on a Dinan Turbo E30 back in 1991 or so, a referral from Rasmussen BMW (I did all their cars in those days). I can't remember at all what I did to it, but my standard setup was just that...could this be the one I did all those years ago?

                              GLWS, thats a beauty of a kit, shame about the car.


                              Closing SOON!
                              "LAST CHANCE FOR G.A.S." DEAL IS ON NOW

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                              Thanks for 10 years of fun!