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Turner M50 chip - No Longer Available

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    Turner M50 chip - No Longer Available

    Turner M50 chip

    Turner Motorsports chip for M50s (with VANOS - 93-95 E36/E34s)

    Perfect for your M50 swap!

    Part number 413-250. This is designed for 12/94+ M50s with EWS-II But will also work on non EWS-II DMEs. (Someone on a local group who was going to buy this, but didn't have the $ confirmed this with Turner)

    As mentioned designed for M50s with VANOS pulled from a 93-95 E36 325i/is or E34 525i.

    I had this in my 95 E36 325is and the car felt great. I held onto this in case I ever threw an M50 in my E30 but not planning to do that any longer so it's time for this to find a new home.

    Price includes shipping via USPS Priority mail.

    PLEASE PM me prior to purchasing so I can ensure I still have this for you, it is posted in multiple forums/groups. Thanks.

    List Date: 10/4/2016

    For more info, click here to view the original listing: Turner M50 chip
    This item is no longer available.


    Bump want to get this sold!


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        Bump. I've had 2 people say they wanted it and then go MIA. This chip needs a good home, is it with you?