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E30 Tool Kit "Missing Window Tool" - $14.99 (custom mould)

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    E30 Tool Kit "Missing Window Tool" - $14.99 (custom mould)

    Dear R3V,

    Most USA E30's I've seen shipped with a "missing" tool in their trunk tool kit. This was normal for US spec cars, but for many owners an empty spot in the tool kit spawns a hundred Google searches - and to make a long story short they are NLA. On ebay they are also a little difficult to find and often expensive when found.
    OEM part number (71111150500 or 71111150191)

    I wanted one for the sake of the E30 OCD problem I have, and my pain is potentially your benefit as I had a batch made up of custom replica parts. These are white plastic.

    If anyone is interested, please PM me. I'd like to offer them at $14.99 USA shipped. Other countries please let me know. I'm hoping to recoup my mould and shipping costs from the factory.

    Note: this is a replica part, so it can not be used to open your window in case of emergency like the original. However, your car is likely not equipped in such a way to use it. And - it will help to visually 'complete' your tool kit, be a conversation starter, and give your E30 just a little extra detail.

    This project was funded by me to share with anyone who was positively interested, so please no hate on the replica aspect. You can still find an original tool if you'd like, they are just getting expensive and harder to find.

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    I wouldn't say most e30s, as it was really only used on the early models up until 87. What would it cost to buy one that is usable though? I personally wouldn't buy a $20 ornament for my toolkit, but would be interested in one that works :b..
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      I hear you & thought more about it.

      I repriced these down to $14.99 - which is basically $10 bucks + shipping.
      Sure, not for everyone.

      Just folks that are bugged by the empty slot and don't want to pay $60+ for a tool just to have a visually complete set. For pretty short money you can have one of these and prob. let it go.

      I was bugged by the empty slot, but I'm crazy so I get bugged by lot's of E30 things.