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Garage cleanout, lots of lighting and electrical stuff for various BMWs

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    Garage cleanout, lots of lighting and electrical stuff for various BMWs

    E30 early model beige headrest sets (have sport and comfort) - $50 + shipping
    E30 sport wheel with horn button and fresh leather - $100 + shipping
    E30 beige cab sport seats (pair) - $300 + shipping
    E30 stock ebrake boot + handle (2 available)- $20 shipped
    E36 leather ebrake handle (2 available) - $20 shipped
    E30 early model fuel gauge - $20 shipped
    E30 early model tail light bulb holder - $20 shipped
    E30 late model right side tail light bulb holder - $20 shipped
    E30 various switches (tell me the switch type and number) - $20 shipped
    E30 blue door handle trim (3 pcs) - $25 shipped
    E34 clear marker right side - $20 shipped
    E30 early model brake duct/fender liner (pair) - $50 + shipping
    E60 right and left side adaptive xenon headlight - $200 + shipping (ea)
    E30 sunroof trim plate thingy - $20 shipped
    E39 LCI tail lights - $99 shipped
    E66 Right Xenon headlight - $165 shipped
    HID ballasts for E60, E53, E46 - $30 shipped. $35 w/bulb

    Added 7/18/19 - make offer if your interested
    BMW glove box flashlights
    Various cigarette lighter plugs
    E30 Early model front bumper marker lenses
    E30? early model fender lenses
    E30 HVAC fan speed resistor thingy. Both work fine.
    E30 convertible 3rd brake light housing. Paint is rough but otherwise intact.

    E30 7k tach - $20 shipped
    E30 air bag knee bolster trim - $40 + shipping
    New Craftsman 30 piece pass through tool set - $40 shipped
    E30 early model fog light - $40 shipped

    I also have a bunch of Toyota Celica and MK1 Mr2 parts if anyone needs something. Fog light retro kits for ST162 Celica (lights, switch and relay). Might fit MK2 MR2 as well.

    Prices are OBO, time to clear out the garage a bit. All located in Portland OR and local pickup is available.
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    Several switches sold. Still more available :D



      Adding more pics as I find more stuff.


        e30 early model drivers side lower dash knee bolster? (non airbag)?

        do you have one of these?

        I drove a 325e across America and now i am shipping it home to London, England


          Originally posted by benwalsh91 View Post
          e30 early model drivers side lower dash knee bolster? (non airbag)?

          do you have one of these?
          It was sold, sorry.


            Bump! glad to see this forum is still so active.


              Bumping back up with updated list.



                Make an offer if you see something you want.


                  Working sunroof motor?


                    Do you have the rear cab seats as well?


                      Pm sent