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Center Console Gauge Clusters

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    Center Console Gauge Clusters

    Hello, I've got a great product for sale here. Designed, tested, and manufactured by my associates and I in Colorado, USA. These are gauge clusters that fit in the center console of your E30. Made to hold three VDO Vision 52mm gauges, one AEM original UEGO wideband gauge/controller (PN 30-4110), and the original 12V socket. All parts in the assembly are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum. All externally visible pieces are then anodized black. Every car I've installed these on had an excellent fit with nearly zero gaps. I've been running one in my personal car for over a year now and like it more and more. All required hardware for final assembly and installation is included as well as detailed instructions. You have the choice of silver or black hardware. No gauges or electrical wiring are included.

    Price is $220 shipped anywhere to the US. I don't have any units currently on the shelf ready to ship because the cost and effort to start making them in larger numbers is fairly significant. For that reason, I'm trying to hit a target of 10 preorders before beginning production. If I hit my target, production should then take around 4 weeks. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for your interest my friends.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	UBPOklmovpIEZDDiD-GF3NxapNT1bPUFTnSAaFAU6pWSfn1EAJrecyRbDPIjpUtaGg-8J30dPwSDUMgDibaZ0Lc1N5JK3HcuGRdUa2flgnha7coBFJVHYaH2TpOA9ZDeuccDV3-yA-aia_uoPXO3UTtxjBHgNU0wDBBgS50ZhEIjxAl_WbxXtfBE-aKIuNnZGWWeU7Ikadi_RgAByuO_fbvXYszFDTJIWyvsXicc1DRy5hBIIPKF5aoZAbEtkB0 Views:	0 Size:	66.5 KB ID:	9899086

    Click image for larger version  Name:	6jPQkPKTpEIFF8Nqk2GnVuRePzBLdyaiGaXSAcPXpz1_KwfUHT68DW5CckADMv1mCZi7zeQxeLHiJvtteACJgROD-ZL_GBz52iFGR7UnAi9OLo2-wKNgtTIbNCN8gfFfIHng7cVKly2xjQw0vKoqc9FUKbjfLxMG7SrwBW0b8Ml2N7sdU4YUZPOSRYqRmRwaejDSfRRXylv1N0_I_um2dPghjy8AwBQGct7vHMgQGF9qX84OLfoXgkKFKdlsWbt Views:	0 Size:	60.8 KB ID:	9899087

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	7ZrFHzXUsyNIg8-pT3VCaq8oR7r1gPjdqTxwOuW4DquYT97gzI8aq1TdDILfOKMHQSccIJSK7In1UHdiRak-LEEBiVjKmvhegromuQt0uvqmAvAFE5PXYbWpP47c4VyacCY98owi5SlIgmU7cW5COw1XQHgO--KFdwEqchXGr3UMHkblh9UNa6ds_515NosFk3OIXtQWfV-pTWBGRAzaXTkc8kxyfW-HcOgg7gDE-bUZGyP4DTf0nlx6QNJrkq0 Views:	0 Size:	67.6 KB ID:	9899089

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Le0fsp4D699swdeyPQSoJqsVR6n74gCeNOa-K197bw62wIFZlj1Nm-7lA3lpwm9IiOfzXhJULctaPQGfC2DSa-w5wG4jWLu8cyXtMEEOQUHe9dGfSy99Ro8ExxMErZW2a-lryUOi6X8ULAHjjGcHkVWLzHH7d4X3RiqpVSN-RXMP7PeH08gSFXuMzrV3UUpvPOZzi997feCE5vmjAzHZCUCfRuD6GlrNIUCndBi-TulNLbUyh2HzUJCUL-gWOkU Views:	0 Size:	70.1 KB ID:	9899090

    The beatings will continue until morale improves

    Here are some more pictures

    Click image for larger version

Name:	zryY1SD8hy27eNjnb9JOFARUGQMcU_Gv9g7u1v1m5C2dduytNRkwlIvWScayHJdGcooU-Yvua1IfRirF75EcOi52HVQkI1oMXbrpY3mZyBO8p2wbi6lDnZEx4xKL9aIYqNDlQokymuQ29PswcPTxJUQpdK5tqcQjhumz14oclEcPOY1u-QULPi0rY8rQELHWGC4bLUqsN-mGR9Vq67OHtHvLdun_NAQATGxzYZGswJoybcQn9RDdl8hR1OC5JG_
Views:	160
Size:	76.4 KB
ID:	9899094

    Click image for larger version

Name:	f4PDjYKSHSdqYYADUhIykryWSZE2SOvU2x5b24Pr_QERbg3VCRB2DEXnpAbOAxXdr1eibtDE49O8tKg7sHau-37uVEJLrcAgKJ5zZB7HiazcCcvbHMoCMaYngvjh8Yp-SOFbzsU0dZeBCK8yO7SsjOLv5SsTzbS2IqFkgCpEFLxLI0W895N4P89uGytbEbw6JBamMhkXzL8p5hc7dF0eEDf0yvaCUU80fOavBKq7hYUfvjJ0n6Qo_V34cY8hapR
Views:	133
Size:	71.0 KB
ID:	9899095

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Name:	_Tuy72e1pIALHH718UhFXG_GQCrvHO6vYHGabeZIex2sGZ2sHHuyc-LY_i-sOLdiDsW2aQoBEMQRura6bC9F6WItpt1NqaysGcwHGQ7d9qyLQ-binRGYiKloqrB6fBK9pqNktEfZh4VKpOfYyuLINWu_NC6GFttZzZst-lVXvLvyo2ZYnW2fLGzCPcIr2mW_BAp4hyQwVMFUDNu7aHFm_z9LioO5RdcRyj_yEg1t7IvMXTmqvZ3bi0sYZay_8HB
Views:	134
Size:	73.8 KB
ID:	9899096

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2ukYavN51G3_sVZOUUPUtMqhOFQfeyqN3Toks4j3KJ4p9HDxhWLgg4NKJo8yZBtwshkaKiz3TQIPHbBE03DHYPXRGWQ_rg-tPWqI7z6cMyM6_Ajzhq7pLNKzqH5QAJgXWpMfpLsZoyeRcLgEMBwn1QaCLQVYRNMioWjjfm_vhtqkebDlUi094JiOj5gdO4nrgasF3XGDmjoh2ZTdegCVDitZejtDcNsxav-sRi1JsUHQ6eyLhlJo3u-iDQ54kNg
Views:	137
Size:	74.0 KB
ID:	9899097

    The beatings will continue until morale improves