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WTB: M52 Conversion Parts

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    WTB: M52 Conversion Parts

    • Intake Manifold / TB
    • Fuel Rail / Injectors
    • E34 Oil pan, dip stick, and pickup
    • Adequate Brake Booster
    Excuse my ignorance, but wtf is the solenoid extension mentioned here (in question 3):

    May add stuff as I remember.......

    Here is what I have, if you see anything I dont have that is not listed in the WTB section above please call me a noob and tell me..........thanks.

    What I currently have:

    M52 Motor ;)
    OBDI Cam sensor
    OBDI Crank Sensor
    E28 Motor Mounts
    OBDI M50 Harness / DME

    I am going to use the OBDII exhaust headers and just plug the O2 holes.

    Thanks in advance guys.

    PS......If anyone wants to do some trading on some parts from the 1991 318is I have that I am parting out let me know. Thanks.
    E92 M3...

    I have everything minus the brake booster, from a non-vanos e34 motor.
    85 325e 2.7 ITB'd stroker


      you will need --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      ok i have a almost complete obd1 conversion. and some 24v swap parts.
      no ecu or obd1 fuel rail.

      OBD I Wiring Harness
      OBD I Crank Sensor
      OBD I Cam Sensor
      OBD I Knock Sensors (2)
      OBD I Intake Manifold
      OBD I Oxygen Sensor
      OBD I HFM
      OBD I Main engine coolant hose (spider hose.)
      OBD I Throttle Body
      and obd1 valve cover with matching coils.(6)
      also i have e34 m50 oil pan with pick up tube and dipstick.
      modified tranny brace made by Dougsic, prolly want what i paid for it no more or no less for the brace. if you use the getrag 260

      pm me if you would like i may sell
      1988 e30 alpine white vert 5speed
      1987 e30 325 eta
      1983 e28 533
      2001 x5 4.4l
      1997 e36 M3 Alpine white 5speed
      1991 Jeep XJ I6 4.0


        Originally posted by rs4pro3 View Post
        I have everything minus the brake booster, from a non-vanos e34 motor.
        Have you decided to start parting that M50 motor out Ely? If so hit me up.