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eoi - 16x7 20p alpina reps

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    eoi - 16x7 20p alpina reps

    just getting interest atm. thinking of selling my aplina reps off my e30

    they are 16x7 +20 offset silver in colour. pretty good condition. 4 near new tyres.

    pics to follow soon.

    is anyone interested in them? i can ship at buyers expense of course.

    post here if your keen. in not too sure what they are worth either so maybe a direction as to what they are worth as well might be nice.

    thanks , leigh

    How much?
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        hi guys. will get pics up asap. its currently 230pm here, so later tonight.

        id consider swaps for some nice 16x8s or 9s in a 20p offset possible slightly lower. possibly some nice bbs's or rota grid-v wheels. or something along those lines. they dont need to include tyres. and we can just straight freight ourselves and swap.

        i also spoke to the original owner. they cost him $1200nz plus tyres. so i thought $1000nz including tyres plus $ for freight was a fair price.



          this is the wheels for sale.
          the only marks on a very slight scuff on the left front. most of it looks like a polish will fix it. whats left is hardly visable, and there is a shallow scratch on the right front. this also maybe able to polish out. other then that they are in great condition, the tyres are almost brand new.


            Shipping to the States would be killer. Bump for nice wheels
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              i agree it wont be cheep. if someone is serious then im more then happy to get a qoute and if they want them bad enough to pay for them then ill be happy to ship them.