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FS: BBS RS 003's, 16x7, ET25, 4x100

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    FS: BBS RS 003's, 16x7, ET25, 4x100

    I have an extremely rare set of BBS RS 003's for sale. I no longer have a car that these fit on, and although I'll probably regret selling, I just have no use for them right now.

    RS003's are 15" faces with 16" step up lips and barrels, one of the only true 4x100 RS's made. These are NOT fill and re-drill. They are 30 bolt instead of 34 bolt, and they don't come up for sale that often!

    BBS RS003
    Original gold faces, gold barrels, lips, and bolts
    These wheels have never been separated, they are still sealed from the factory

    No rash, No bends, No cracks.

    Tires will be taken off of the wheels before being shipped

    $2,000 shipped OBO

    All they need now is some wider lips and done. Great price on some awesome BBS RS fitment wheels for the e30.
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      Originally posted by F34R View Post
      All they need now is some wider lips and done. Great price on some awesome BBS RS fitment wheels for the e30.
      Not that easy, my friend.
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        Originally posted by F34R View Post
        All they need now is some wider lips and done. Great price on some awesome BBS RS fitment wheels for the e30.
        uh, no.


          Ahhhhh, these are nice. If they were 15" I'd be PMing you. GLWS
          I hope whoever buys them doesn't mess with them.


            Originally posted by F34R View Post
            All they need now is some wider lips and done. Great price on some awesome BBS RS fitment wheels for the e30.
            I agree! Drop lips suck.

            Originally posted by dannyg View Post
            Not that easy, my friend.
            Why not? I have lips in stock for them! :-)

            Originally posted by floridabmx View Post
            uh, no.
            uh, yes!

            Originally posted by DELPHINtimecapsule View Post
            Ahhhhh, these are nice. If they were 15" I'd be PMing you. GLWS
            I hope whoever buys them doesn't mess with them.
            I have a set of rs001 if you are interested.


              Oh hey you're the dude that scammed me on vortex.

              ****DO NOT BUY THESE WHEELS FROM THIS GUY******

              He scammed me out of $820 on the vortex, and if you google his name "hellmeroma" you will find countless people complaining they have been scammed as well.


                heres some posts from the original thread this guy scammed me on

                I spent $820 plus paypal fees and other expenses for these barrels and in the end they are not BBS RS003 barrels. I doubt they are even BBS barrels.

                BBS RS003 are extremely rare and consist of 15 inch faces mated to fit 16 inch lips and barrels. Also they are 30 bolts rather than 34 bolt.

                I forgot to mention that the OP gave me the run-a-round after many requests for a tracking number after he told me they were shipped.. Here is is response VIA PM

                Originally posted by hellmeroma
                Ok man, here's the deal. This is a long story, but the whole truth, so please read it, and bear with me.

                I own a vacant piece of land one city away from me, and after a few years of paying taxes on it, with no benefit to me, I built a garage. This garage is where I keep all of my spare parts, and where my brother and I build our cars. The barrels were in a box upstairs, wrapped up, and sitting there for about the last year. When I went 2 Saturday's ago to get the barrels for you, they were gone. I searched everywhere for them, but they were nowhere to be found. I called my brother and asked him if he knew where they were, he told me he found some RS 001's, and used my barrels to make 16"s. At this point, I was frustrated, furious, and didn't know what to do. Then I remembered that I had another set of 003's I bought from a local guy, they were packed away, and I was saving them to build if I ever bought another MK2. The problem with this set though, was the kid spray painted the entire wheels bright orange. I knew I couldn't ship you bright orange barrels, so I stalled you, had the barrels glass blasted, and sent them to my painter. He told me they would be done last Thursday, but he got busy with "real" projects, and there was a delay. I called him yesterday, he told me they would be done for sure this Tuesday, (tomorrow), and that I could come grab them after work. They will be boxed up, wrapped up nicely, and shipped 2-3 day priority.

                So, the bad in all of this is that I lied to you, and I **** doing that, cause I'm an honest seller, and a stand up guy. I felt terrible last week not getting you a tracking number, but I thought these things were gonna be done, and shipped to you Thursday. The good thing, even though you've had to wait longer than you should have too, is that you're getting brand new barrels esentially.

                I ****ed up, my brother taking them is not an excuse, and I should've had them in my posession before I got any money from you. I hope that you understand all of this, and wait patiently til Thursday or Friday to get your esentially new barrels. If not, I will refund your money, and re-list the barrels once they're done. I'm really sorry about all of this, just let me know what you'd like to do.
                That should have been the first red flag, but there were many after that.. I then found out that after he FINALLY shipped the wheels over a week later that they had been cracked and re-welded and I could CLEARLY see the tool marks made by grinding the welds down.

                So I contacted him and said this via Pm:
                Originally posted by MrKrinkle
                I got them today, and two of them have been cracked and welded. I'm not happy at all about that as you said they are pristine.. I really don't know what to think man.
                He then responded to me saying this VIA PM:

                Originally posted by hellmeroma
                I just called my painter, he told me the kid had like 8 layers of paint caked on them, and there was no way to see the welds. He told me he had his guy run them on a balancer, and that they balanced fine, were true round, and the welds were done correctly. I had no clue there were any welds until I just read your PM, as he wrapped and boxed them, I just dropped them off at UPS. I'm willing to either give you a bit of a refund if you wanna keep them, or refund you fully, and you send them back to me. He also told me he didn't put clear coat on them, cause he didn't know how shiny you wanted them, so I'm sorry about that also. Just let me know what you wanna do man, I'm not a bad seller, and will do whatever it takes to rectify the situation.

                Remember his statement of "I'm not a bad seller, and will do whatever it takes to rectify the situation."

                Well, long story short he sent me two more barrels, and I sent the two cracked and re-welded barrels back to him.

                After finally getting my MK1 out of storage a long ways away from where I live last Tuesday, I got the RS003 that were on my Rabbit off, drove home, and proceeded to split them.. Well, as I re-assembled them, I noticed that the barrels didn't fit the faces.. They are definitely not BBS RS003 barrels..

                I have pictures of how the barrels don't fit my RS003 on my phone, but I haven't loaded them onto my computer yet.. I'll post those soon.

                I thought the Volkswagen community had better values than this, as it seems that hellmeroma is an enthusiast, but I guess scammers will go to great lengths to make a buck..

                It takes a lot of will not to post this guys phone number, address, and name online.. But If it comes down to it, I will..


                  More proof he sent me the wrong stuff, and won't fess up.

                  This is probably the last forum this guy can sell shit on. These wheels are most likely the barrels I was supposed to receive.

                  I joined this forum just to make you guys aware.


                    Scammed a dude on Honda marketplace:

                    Here's one from total ruckus:

                    Shall I keep going? Your track record isn't too good buddy.


                      I also forgot to add that he pretty much copied and pasted my old F/S ad for the 003's I was selling.. That should be the first warning sign right there...


                        I hate scammers.

                        If this is true. He should play in rush hour traffic.


                          hello hellmeroma,

                          if you are scamming us I want u to know....sometimes karmha comes in the form of..................I want you to die. :)

                          Lieben Sie Schlangen ?


                            I never scammed you MrKrinkle. I sent you the 4 barrels you paid for, two were previously damaged, so I sent you two more. Sounds like good customer service to me.

                            About the honda-tech one, dude got his visor, was never scammed. Sorry he wasn't patient, sometimes things don't get shipped out immediately, we've all been guilty of that.

                            And the totalruckus one, dude bought the wrong wheel, not my fault. He received it, wasn't scammed. You just didn't show the full thread, how convenient. I have people vouching for me, saying he bought what was listed. That's more than enough proof alone. Link below.


                            Good luck dirtying my name man, I'm a part of a lot of communities, I build cars and scooters, and offer information. I don't scam people. Here's my totalruckus vouch thread:


                            Don't let this idiot scare any of you, the wheels are ready to be boxed, and will be shipped out same day as I receive payment. If anyone needs vouches, I've sold 4 sets of wheels in the last month, and will be happy to give you contact info for any of the buyers. Thanks.


                              I bought some parts from hellmeroma while back smooth transaction.
                              - Fercy -

                              Classic BMW Specialists
                              Santa Clarita, CA