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    payment sent for trunk seal kit!
    IG: deniso_nsi Leave me feedback here


      Hood Seal + Trunk Kit ordered, payment sent, thanks!
      1990 S50 goodness.


        installed mine today and it was very easy, except if you try to pull them off your paint comes with it. heres some pics

        the even look great on a misaligned hood.


          What is the price if I want 10 kits?


            Originally posted by Miano View Post
            What is the price if I want 10 kits?
            I probably should have stated this from the beginning. The limit on this deal is 3 kits.

            My original intent was to offer the R3V guys a deal on something I thought was pretty cool...

            Because R3V has become my spot... the guys I hang with. I want as many of the R3V guys that want a set to get one at a good price.

            The price on the material has gone up along with shipping costs. I orderd more material at the higher price to cover the curent orders and to continue the deal until the end of May because I said the price was good to the end of May (without knowing that the order count would be so high so early...I do what I say).


            Where did you come from anyway?

            If you really want 10 kits contact me latter from here:


              Payment sent!

              Can i please get a tracking number too?


                Hey, DC: Will you ship to Honolulu, HI, for the same price? Since you're using USPS, it shouldn't be anymore expensive or involve add'l paperwork, and I can't imagine it would cost any more than shipping to, say, somewhere in northeastern Maine, especially if you're using a flat-rate Priority Mail box. Please advise -- it looks like a cool product. FWIW: Zip code is 96825.
                Indian Wells, CA


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                  Payment send.
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                    payment sent for the kit. Thank you.

                    1991 330is


                      Group Buy special price on hood and trunk set runs until May 31st

                      I'll be out this evening until late, When I get home the May sale will be over.

                      Most of the questions I could think of are answered in this thread.


                        Money sent! The red car had me convinced.


                          Originally posted by cferb View Post
                          Money sent! The red car had me convinced.
                          yeah i helped sell something;)



                            Okay, the bad news: May Special is over. The Good News: I was able to reduce the new Group Buy price a hair because material production order went up so the cost didn't go up as much as expected.

                            We have it made in small runs of specially formulated EDPM in order to suit the conditions IE heat, UV, oil resistance etc. the reason being was that the OE product would harden and cause hood closing issues and also the rubber would degenerate rapidly and the off the shelf products were just as bad.

                            Entwicklung Drei├čig Zen II E30 HOOD SEALS are constructed in the USA from 100% High performance EPDM rubber. The seals fit between the hood and the fender. This seal completely covers / seals the space between the hood and the fender for better aerodynamics.

                            Hood seal kit available for $42 Including Shipping to the lower 48 states (by USPS Priority Mail). Normally about $54~$58 shipped)

                            PayPal: Put in the PayPal Note: "Hood Seal Kit R3V"

                            Hood and Deck Lid (Trunk) Seal Kits $72 Including Shipping to the lower 48 states. (by USPS Priority Mail

                            PayPal: Put in the PayPal Note: "Hood Seal + Trunk Kit R3V"

                            Shipping to Canada is an addditional $12.20 USD

                            DECK LID ONLY is NLA

                            Trunk Seal Images
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                              Looks like an excellent product... I'll be ordering a combo set soon. Very nicely done.
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                                Payment sent for 10 kits reg gb price. Just let us know when it ships. Thank you.