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    got my kit, thanks


      Originally posted by TwoJ's View Post
      This stuff is shit and no one should buy it from this loser. In case anyone is unaware, this guy was banned as a different user after blatant and continuous lies compounded by even more hilariously blatant lies.

      If you want to put this stuff on your car, go buy some weather strip shit from Lowes and stick it on your car. It's the same shit.

      Yea, my kit shit after a month

      Please leave feedback below, thanks


        if you get another us kit please pm me... ;)


          Originally posted by Matt-B View Post
          Yea, my kit shit after a month
          Me too.
          Rubber is still good but it peeled off its own adhesive. Going to be a bitch to remove the adhesive from the car now.
          Originally posted by codyep3
          I hope to Christ you have looks going for you, because you sure as fuck don't have any intelligence.
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