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    If this world has people half as much class, and humility as Yan we would be in a far better place. Glad to see you can keep your cool when stuff like this happens.


      Wow sorry to hear this Yan, you definitely handled it very well, and hopefully he'll come clean and do it properly the second time around, although some of the mistakes like the VIN sticker are irreversible
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        Also, $6000 for that crap?

        Originally posted by TSI
        ♫ Rust flecks are falling on my head...♫


          Originally posted by bernzpeed View Post
          i was gonna say Pics or it didn't happen to M3Toy but here it is... that is really shotty paint job.
          If not corrected, I think this thread might be the end of VLAD's career in R3V.

          Sorry Vlad, you lose on this way. Low quality paint job. The attention to detail was absolutely missing.
          Total disrespect and taking advantage of customer when you drove the car w/o permission to a car show.

          this is what ive been saying all day, when people tell me i should have resolved my issue with vlad and let him correct it. how was he going to correct it? by doing another shitty paint job? what would be the point :loco:

          yan very sorry to see and hear what happened to you.
          this is y i posted about vlad earlyier today so others dont make the same mistake.
          i wish i would have posted sooner but i wasnt able to as vlad was holding parts and work as hostage up untill a week ago.
          if i was able to maybe you wouldnt have used him and could have saved 6000.00.

          you sir have my apology ;(
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            Thank you for posting this.


              Originally posted by lolcantturn View Post
              Can we all stop thinking Vlad is some sort of E30 angel? Thanks.


                Originally posted by fsujbp View Post
                using someone's vehicle without permission, thereby subjecting them to liability should an incident occur, is inexcusable.
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                  Wow. This is absolutely Terrible with a capital T. It's actually disgusting what happened.
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                    Such a shame... Best of luck with getting your car to tip top shape again Yan.
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                      cant trust anyone, listen...

                      Dont know who this guy is but when it comes to body shop you need to be there and see the car before you finish pay. Dont know how popular this guy is or what... you cant trust anyone... shit got to go by the book always you cant just assume everything is going to be perfect!!! you have to be there have him walk you through it this is a great lesson for many of you thinking life is perfect. all the best with you and your car bro


                        They say a pictures is worth a 1000 words....damn!
                        Originally posted by blunttech
                        Always Always go for the reach around if there is an option


                          This is terrible. Those runs and drips are complete bs, I could spray a car better than that. And your headliner...the fact that he drove it without your permission...
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                          Originally posted by Cabriolet
                          Wish you the best and hope you don't remember anything after 10pm.

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                            Wow. Yan, you did the right thing. Money is replaceable, but someone's reputation isn't.

                            Good luck.


                              Someone on pointed out that THIS bubble is visible in Vlad's own photo of Yan's M3, finished. So apparently the trucking company did not damage and then repaint the front bumper. Can't say for sure about the rest of the car though.....


                                Originally posted by YAN-3 View Post
                                - After thinking this through, praying and getting advice, I have come to this conclusion:

                                As much as I would like to take Vlad to court for not only the improper work done, but also driving my car without permission, I have come to accept the fact that biblically it is not right for one to take another to court (1 Cor 6, Mathew 18:15-17...) I understand many will disagree with me, and many have let me know this already, but in the Lord’s eyes it is the right thing to do. I believe Vlad will one day get what he deserves; I am not the 1st person who has been wronged by him.

                                -I am posting these photos to show some of the flaws. As you can imagine most of the waves and dings and sand marks are hard to capture with a camera.

                                -Vlad, I gave you plenty of time to think about it, and have tried contacting you so many times and in so many different ways, yet still no response or acknowledgement. You made up lies and posted false statements, and at this point I just want to bring closure to this terrible ordeal.

                                - Vlad, you should be ashamed of yourself for conducting yourself in such a manner. You yourself called this a "tight community"

                                - However I believe that through every life experience, good or bad, we learn valuable life lessons. Sadly this one cost me $6,000 and my e30 M3.
                                You, sir, are a strong man. Good luck!

                                Originally posted by SpasticDwarf;n6449866
                                Honestly I built it just to have a place to sit and listen to Hotline Bling on repeat.