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    Help going crazy

    So here is my problem. I started my build a year ago for the m52 swap I have a 91 318i standard I bought an e39 528i engine transmission ecu and wiring harness I have looked thru the swap I have gotten the pan pick up tube dipstick tube etc I got the revshift swap kit. Now I sold my 4 banger m42 so I can't go back but I am confused now can I use the e39 m52 or? I have the year and Vin at work I believe it is the early gen with single vanos. To add I picked up an 1996 bmw 328i autotragic with blown headgasket but I don't know how much difference it is with manual and automatic to do the swap from that car please help am I going the right way or just dumping money like what would I need to do to use the e39 engine cause it ran fine this e36 has head gasket issues

    E39 is standard
    E36 is automatic