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1984 325e m52 swap starter questions.....

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    1984 325e m52 swap starter questions.....

    HI guys I have a couple questions regarding the m52 swap I did into my e30 car is running and driving already.

    I need to talk to someone who has done this swap on a early 1984 325e everywhere I read says I needed to shave my flywheel but I didn't need to to clear oil pan but i did it anyways.
    I'm getting a light metal grinding noise took out my starter that was brand new, it has unusual wear on the teeth I'm wondering if it's the noise I'm hearing.
    The starter is a 87 e30 starter cause my original 84 starter was way to big in diameter to fit without shaving the block.
    My question is, is the 1984 starter gonna be different than the rest since my flywheel didn't need to be shaved like everyone/everyform said it needed to be. Any help is appreciated thanks.

    I'm betting your starter doesn't match the flywheel correctly

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