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    m50 Questions

    Hey guys I just picked a non vanos m50 to swap into my 91 318ic. I got the engine for $175 with the dme and harness. My question is what all should I do for maintenance while the engine is still out of the car? So far I have: Make sure timing chain is within spec, water pump, belts, i'm pulling and resurfacing the head so i'll do a head gasket and vc gasket oil pan gasket etc, arp studs. Is there anything I'm missing or anything I should look out for? Any help would be appreciated. Also, I plan on eventually boosting it (8-10lbs hx35)what size HG should I run? I will be running it NA for a while just to get it running right but i dont think it would be worth it to pull the head again and do a mls gasket when i eventually boost it. Thoughts?

    Rear main seal.
    99 328i (Sold)
    91 318is M50B25TU
    89 325ix (Parted out)
    87 325is (Parted out)
    95 525i (Parted Motor for 91 318is)