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picking up a m50, e36 5 speed, which diff??

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    picking up a m50, e36 5 speed, which diff??

    i've read some mixed info on the diff selection.

    i'll have a 92/91 m50 from a 525i
    a 94 e35 325 5speed manual tran

    which diff?
    4.10 = to high
    the 3.73
    is it worth getting a e28 3.25 and converting that?
    is the 2.93 to high? did it come in lsd?

    last question.. :)

    whats the flywheel i want to use? i get to pick it out from the junkyard... any suggestions?


    You're going to want about a 3.25. Read through the DOHC thread.

    E36 flywheel. Might be a good time to look into a lighweight aftermarket one.
    '91 318is


      Get the e28 3.25 LSD, it would be perfect.

      I drove 3000 miles with the 3.73 LSD and the e36 transmission, I hated it! I got about 1000 miles on a 2.93 open and hated that. I think the 3.25 LSD would be the perfect one for the e30.


        3.25 is perfect. with the e36 trans and the 3.73, i was pulling 4100rpm at 80mph. with the 3.25 its around 3500... yet its still fun around town.


          great info! thanks, here's what i did...

          i got a 4.10 e30 (325is) lsd rear end with axles
          also got a e28 3.25 rear end (no-lsd)

          cant i put the 3.25 gears in 4.10 case?

          its going in a 91 318is... i got the abs style axles too...

          my biggest question is if its easy to use the 3.25 gears in this case?

          thanks guys for all the help.


            I am running a M Roadster Diff. which has a 3.15 ratio. I would like to set it down to a 3.25 or so eventually. So I would go there.

            1988 BMW 325iS