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    Electrical gremlins

    Thought I'd try this first in the swap section, but the issues might not be related to the swap..

    Car is a '91 318i with an OBDII S52.

    When I got the car, so much of the electronics did not work. After doing the simple stuff, like capping off loose wires and replacing fuses, a lot came back to life. But still seeing some strange things and wanted to know where to start, or maybe they're all related to a single point of failure, like a switch? (I hope).

    1. When I turn on the headlights, only the passenger side low beam comes on (and parking lights). When I flip the brights on, the driver's side low AND high come on, so driver's low beam bulb is good. Passenger high beam bulb may not be.. sealed beam lights also.

    2. Left blinker doesn't work (no signal on the dash). Right one works though.. and when I apply the left blinker, I get a buzzer.

    3. When I press the emergency flasher button, I get the same buzzer.

    4. The ABS light isn't on, even though it's non-op.

    Are any of these related?

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    None of that is swapped related unless the body harness was somehow damaged during the swap. #4 is prob just the cluster bulbs.


      The left low beam has 2 filimats. The regular low beam filimat is still dead.

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