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S52 Swap fuel pump voltage help

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    S52 Swap fuel pump voltage help

    Hey guys, wrapping up my S52 swap. After struggling for weeks to get it running because I wasn't getting fuel I realized I'm only getting partial voltage to the fuel pump fuse, between 3.8-4.5 volts.

    Every other fuse has proper voltage 12.5-14.4 depending on whether its running or not. I jumped the fuse box and ran a wire straight to the pump and it runs perfect.

    Any ideas on what would cause this?

    Have only let it idle like this but it's really the only thing keeping me from starting to do some shake down drives right now. Have checked and swapped relays and they seem to be working properly.


    Can follow my build on insta @car_shift_happens if anyone cares to.

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