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and so it starts.... another 24v... pics

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    and so it starts.... another 24v... pics

    Pulled the m42 out of my e30 today. Waiting for parts to bolt onto the m50 and then I can drop it in. Been cleaning lots....

    Here are a few pictures. While I do the swap if anyone wants me to take pictures of anything just post and I will add them here.

    Stock m50 from a 525. I will chip it more than likely. Still debating if I should find a s52 instead....

    How much of the firewall insulation do I need to remove?

    (2002 has a m42 in it)
    1970 m42 swapped 2002
    1985 LS1/T56 Swapped e28 (557e) - For all your parts needs

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    Congrats, it will be much more fun w/ the m50 rather than m42, believe me. Thats awesome tho that the m42 lives on in the 2002, bet that thing is fun in corners.


      Originally posted by jakeb View Post
      I should find a s52 instead....
      I wouldnt do a stock M50. Not enough power to justify the work. M42 cars handle much better because of the weight distribution (and lack of weight) up front. I'd rather supercharge the M42 than put in an M50.

      I have a friend who put a regular M50 in his 318, and he said he wouldnt do it again. He said it would be an S50 at least if he had to do it again.


        Downing atlanta......

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          The s52 will not disappoint. As ive said before, i dont think the m50 is worth the work.


            In a 318is it handles fine. I did an m50 in mine and love it, its much much quicker than what the m42 was in the e30. Great start until I can find the money to build up an m52.