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Need straight answer plz

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    Need straight answer plz

    I've searched alot but i got confused and couldn't get a straight answer to my budget m50 swab project.

    I have a :
    1- m52 2.8l block from 728i (oil pan same as m52 e34 suitable for the swab)
    2- complete m50 nv head from (2.0 or 2.5 not sure)best for going obd1.

    Will the bolt up straight with no problems?
    What head gasket should i use?

    Thanks in advance,

    Why do you want a nv head? You want vanos correct? Because you can have obd1 vanos or non vanos depending on year of vehicle it came from. I'm not 100% sure but most of the vanos heads are pretty close to being the same. The outlier being the s52 which has different valve springs.

    You want to use the head gasket that matches the bore size. ie: the m52b28 head gasket. Also the cylinder heads are known to warp and crack from over heating so give them a very thorough lookover. You also want cams and trays from the m52 or s52/s50.