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2000 Z3 M Roadster Donor for an 1989 325i Auto

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    2000 Z3 M Roadster Donor for an 1989 325i Auto

    Hello Everybody,

    I've got the opportunity to buy a 2000 M Roadster that runs and drives but is totaled. I've done some reading about parts that i'd need to complete the swap but I know that the Z3 has some parts that carry over as upgrades (steering rack etc) Is there anything else that I can use off the M Roadster in order to convert my car to an S52 Manual, 5 lug?

    Thank you!
    65k 325i Automatic
    1985 M635CSI Frank Fahey Stroker
    1970 BMW 2002 (in restoration)

    the z3m cars have an e36 rack if I recall correctly, not the 2.7L2L rack that is found in non-m z3's, and the M trailing arms are going to widen the rear track width in your e30 a fair bit. The 4cyl pre-facelift z3 trailing arms or the e36 318ti trailing arms will keep track width closer to stock on an e30

    if I were you, the only parts I'd use would be the steering rack (easy upgrade) and the drivetrain (you'll want the diff too)
    1984 Delphin 318i 2 door