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individual sale of M54 piston rings

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    individual sale of M54 piston rings


    so Im researching everything on the M50 stroker and found out the way to fix the oil consumption issue on the M54 is to use the two lower M52TU piston rings on the M54 3.0 pistons ,, However the top M52 compression ring cannot be use so I have to stick to the M54 compression but the rings are sold as sets per piston...

    my question does anybody sell individual top compression M54 3.0 pistons ring? I would hate to buy two sets of piston rings (M52TU and M54)... waste of money and rings

    thanks for any help

    I read on other forums that the newer Mahle Ring sets for the M54 have the updated design of the oil control ring, so you don't have to get the M52 ring set.
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      ok it seem sis an ebay seller named sochi98.. I wil update once I get an answer

      Edit: Sochi said theyre not available anymore...

      I might just buy the updated Mahle ones and see the difference...some mention to avoid Mahle due to their plating? well see
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