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S54 + 420G swaps & Clutch Return Springs

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    S54 + 420G swaps & Clutch Return Springs

    Howdy folks.

    I've recently completed my S54 + 420G swap into an E28.

    I've discovered something odd and am hoping someone here can provide some insight.

    On the E28 there is a clutch return spring that helps the clutch pedal feel by providing leverage against the pressure plate when the clutch pedal is past half-way point. With this spring in my car the clutch pedal sticks to the floor (doesn't rebound).

    Without the clutch return spring the clutch feels ok, and operates ok (about 200 miles driven so far).

    What do E30 folks do with 420G swaps? Use a clutch return spring, or not?

    Vlad: '87 535isMaytag: '87 528e'88 911Project Minerva - S54 E28

    If I understand correctly, the spring on your pedal sounds similar to what is in some modern cars. Basically the spring pivots on a point where it is working against your foot pressure when the pedal is most of the way out, but as you push the pedal in and pass a certain point, the spring is helping to assist with pushing the pedal in.

    I don't see why the transmission/slave cylinder would have any impact on this functionality assuming it's holding pressure. The spring would have to be quite strong to hold the clutch pedal to the floor, i.e. resisting the force of the pressure plate. Is the system supposed to have a normal clutch return spring in addition to the pivoting one you described? Generally I don't think you'd have an issue with just getting rid of the spring altogether but you may want to make sure that the pedal is returning all the way and there isn't somehow some pressure on the master cylinder when you're not pushing on the pedal.