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juts got a '88 IX

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    juts got a '88 IX

    Alright well picked up a '88 ix last week. havent gone through everything yet but so far these are the problems:

    Coolant light has been on since i got it but today for sum reason it went off.

    Oil light is on, on the check control panel. But oil level is full

    Needs brakes all the way around, Also ABS light is on(maybe a speed sensor?)

    Aave a rumble noise once taking off up till like 50mph. wheel bearing or front axle? axle boot look fine with no cuts

    Sensor on the side of the radiator(aux fan) is broke, 2 wires from the sensor ripped out

    Blower motor need replacement.(makes a very loud screeching noise when on)

    Also today when i was idleing after it warmed up the temp guage would start bouncing back and forth.

    Needs all new tires(absolute crap in snow)

    Some rust but not much.

    208k on it. This is all i've seen so far. Im sure theres more. I'll be doing the T-case test soon once some of the snow melts. But i ened up getting it for $825 so i figured it wasnt a bad deal.



      It need a good buff/polish i know its pretty bad. What does anyone recommend?


        She looks good, just get all your mechanicals in order and your set to go.
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          yeah, if you don't care about the rust, that's a good car. the interior looks pretty good. The seats aren't THAT bad considering the rest of the car.
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            i might get a similar car for 800 dollars. good find just get those mechanical issues worked out hopefully its not to expensive.

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              Originally posted by Tsweers89 View Post
              It need a good buff/polish i know its pretty bad. What does anyone recommend?
              I just used some 3M Shine Restorer with a 7'' buffer on low speed. It kicked some serious ass. 3M is the way to go for rubbing/polishing compounds.