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What paint to use? That can be painted over later in CA.

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    What paint to use? That can be painted over later in CA.

    First off I live in CA so I know we have some unique paint laws, I think all paint sprayed in shops is water based.

    I eventually want to get my whole car sprayed but don't have money for that right now. In the mean time I would like to do some minor repairs myself. This includes fixing my cracked bumpers and maybe fixing a spot of rust or two. I would like to paint these pieces myself in the mean time so my car looks semi decent until the whole thing can be sprayed.

    What kind of paint/ pirmer should I use so that I wont have any problems painting over it when the whole car is painted at a shop in the future?

    My car is zinnobarot red, and I know that there are a lot of paints out there that match this color, such as regal red rustoleum and vermillion red. Basically there are spray cans I can buy for cheap that will match ok, but I think they are all lacquer based which might give me problems. I'd also be find rolling the paint on and just buffing it out as best i can for now. So rollable options are totally great too. What about

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      do yourself or at least the future owner a favor and don't paint your car if you cannot do a serious one. if you use lacquer or anything like rustoleum, look forward to having to strip all that off before any real paint job can be applied. The chemistry of those 2 paints are incompatible with the current brand of enamels and urethane automotive paints.


        Basically, if you want to paint over it, it needs to be a catalyzed urethane.

        BOTH lacquers and enamels are a bad idea.
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          Originally posted by bmwstephen View Post
          do yourself or at least the future owner a favor and don't paint your car if you cannot do a serious one.
          Originally posted by kronus
          would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


            OK, thats basically what I thought. Can you get catalyzed urethane in a can though? Or does this need to be sprayed from a pro paint sprayer?

            I just want to paint my bumpers, but be able to paint them again without stripping it in 6 months to a year or something.


              yes you can but the precision plummets quickly when trying to spray larger panels. Painting bumpers are fine but again, if you're not doing it right don't bother because it'll be more costly to redo later on. Remember, for every layer of paint you add on the car improperly, you will need to spend an equal amount of time taking it off for a proper job.

              also with bumpers, you'll need to request a flex additive be added to the mix, otherwise the paint will crack or peel after a couple of drives, especially if you're painting on a crappy foundation (scuffing existing paint).