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What detailing products do you use?

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    What detailing products do you use?

    What do you use for detailing?
    For dashboard? Leather? Polishing and waxing? Tires? Black trim?

    Dashboard- 303

    Leather/Vinyl- if they are seats I use Chemical guys Sprayable Leather, other pieces I just use diluted APC to clean them.

    Polishing- Meguairs 205, Griots Fast Finishing, Sonax Product Line

    Wax/Sealant- Collonite 845/915, Jescar Power Lock, Bead Maker

    Tires- Chemical Guys VRP

    Trim- VRP

    This setup is my go to. Makes maintenance a 45 minute process with wheels and door jams included


      Dashboard - Soapy wooder to clean if needed, then 303 Protectant, otherwise I just use a duster to clean.

      Leather/Vinyl seats - Diluted Simple Green and a magic eraser if the seats are looking shiny instead of nice and matte. If the seats have already been de-greased then Gliptone leather cleaner and microfiber towel. I stopped using conditioners, they don't do anything really for our painted leather seats, other than make them look shiny.

      Clay bar - I think Meguiar's little kit which came with a quick detail spray for lube.

      Cut - Meguiar's M105 with a wool cutting pad

      Polish - 3M Finesse it II or Meguiar's M205 with a Chemical Guy's hex medium polishing pad (green), then a soft finishing pad (black)

      Before Sealant/Wax - <20% strength Isopropyl Alcohol to clean off polish residue. Skip if I didn't polish.

      Sealant - Klasse SG

      Glass - Invisible Glass

      Wheels - Meguiar's D14001 wheel brightener. Definitely only use outdoors, strong odors. Do not use on polished wheels. Followed by Klasse SG

      Tires - Any random tire dressing that is on sale.

      Black Plastics - Mother's Back to Black

      Engine Bay - Soapy Wooder and some diluted Simple Green. Mother's Back to Black aggressively brushed on to plastics/rubbers.