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S1 vs S2 body differences

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    S1 vs S2 body differences

    Then is may be going against the trend, but a customer is asking about converting a S2 E30 to a S1 bodywork. He wants to race in an age restricted category for cars to 1986 or earlier. We have looked realoem and our questions are:

    1. I assume the S1 and S2 fenders are the interchangeable. Correct?
    2. Following on, does the front stone tray bolt on to the S2 fenders?
    3. Bumper change over seems to be remove everything S2 include bumper shocks and replace with S1. Correct? We assume the

    For the rear, it's bodywork - rear panel and both rear quarters. Lolz ... not my problem. Just hand this bit to the panel shop. Lights and bumper will then be straight forward, we'd expect.

    The car needs rear crash damage repaired which is why he's considering this now.

    Any traps or other issues?

    Other than questions of ethics of advising the customer that they should just get an early model rather than spend likely the same to twice the cost of another car to convert it you are on the right track and I believe you have the fundamentals covered.


      To close this, everything was straight forward. Three weeks and $2.5k later its done, ready to race. The owner thought the idea to scrap a perfect shell and find a rust free S1 E30, strip, seam weld and repaint, new weld in cage, swap race engine, gearbox, suspension, electrics, etc, was moronic.