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Good paint shops in Sacramento area

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    Good paint shops in Sacramento area

    Hey all, as the title states, I’m looking for a good paint shop in sac that charges a fair rate. I just want a standard paint job (not a $500 Maaco crap job) at a reasonable price. Any suggestions? Include price if possible

    Hey! I know this probably isn't helpful for you but I searched far and wide from Sac to Fresno with no luck in terms of finding someone I trust at a decent price. There's some mom-n-pop shops in the foothills that seemed trusty to me, as they seem to be less production/profit focused and more truly interested in each individual car.

    Edit: a friend of mine had pretty good results at Earl Schieb in Rancho Cordova. He paid 2k but his car was completely disassembled and was painted individually. No real prep other than Bondo and primer.
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