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Mtech 1 kit on non euro car

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  • skitzy777
    mtech 1 only works with euro bumpers not plastic. It would look a bit silly with the plastic bumpers.

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  • hreverman
    started a topic Mtech 1 kit on non euro car

    Mtech 1 kit on non euro car

    Has anyone modified their m-tech 1 bumpers to fit on an early model E30 that doesn't have euro bumpers? I took a set of fiberglass reps on a trade for my bottlecaps and didn't do my proper research to know that they only fit with euro bumpers - rookie mistake, I know. Don't really want to spend the money on euro bumpers at this point (unless someone has a set that isn't going to make me question my decisions) so just trying to see if it's worth my time to modify it or if I should just pass it on to someone else.